24 June, 2012

An "I'm sorry I thought I was holier than you moment."

it's Sunday, 
and if you really don't like my "religious" posts, you might want to pass right over this one, but I just wanted to publicly apologize to my husband, (and to others,) for an opinion I had. ;)

I seriously think our pastor is also a fly. Somehow, I'm pretty sure he makes his way into our home on a regular basis and finds out exactly what's going on in our life.
(Some people might also call this the Holy Spirit working.)
He has been doing a series in the month of June on the Christian Atheist; People that believe in God and have accepted Him into their lives, but have just not dedicated their lives to fully serving Him. You know, there is always some kind of hang up or excuse.....
{I highly recommend listening to the messages, you can download the podcasts HERE.}

Today's sermon was I believe in God, but I trust in money.
I was like, that will be a breeze, I'm not quite money/things focused like my husband is, people mean so much more to me!
He always wants the next new electronic, a new car, new clothes, or always something. And he likes the expensive stuff.
Nah, I'd never put money before God.
And that's when our pastor said it.
Thanks btw Pastor Aaron.....

The other thing that people put their trust in with their money is security. They may not be shoppers, who constantly buy buy buy, or indulge in all the expensive stuff, but money means security to them.
They need all the debt paid off.
They need to have the large life insurance.
They need the large savings account....
They lie to themselves and say those are all good things, but are still putting all their trust in the money that provides those things.

Oh my word, that hit ME like a ton of bricks. He was speaking straight to me. Saying everything that I am completely guilty of.
Here I am, on my husbands case since the beginning of our marriage, because I wanted to get completely out of debt and save save save. Things that are good of course, but I have been putting my trust and basing my security off the amount we have in savings...

God will of course provide and take care of us, but just in case, I'll make sure I obsess with my bank account in the meantime.

I'm not putting to justice all the things that were said this morning and I highly recommend that you listen to it if you can, but wowzers, where am I putting my Faith?


  1. ALL Christians are guilty of this, and ALL Christians can be "Christian atheists" sometimes. But what makes our faith so awesome is that, God doesn't expect us to be perfect! I love this!

  2. Wow, I had never thought of it that way! I'm gonna head over and listen to that sermon sometime soon, thanks!

  3. Excellent points! Thanks for sharing :) I'm Hopping from Military Monday!

  4. Hi! Following you from the Military Monday blog hop! Looking forward to reading more! Would appreciate the follow back! -Kat


  5. Love your honesty, and openness, and willingness to hear from God! the series...the idea is from a book right? John Ortberg (Menlo Park) did a series like that last year. Hmmm...I wonder what I'd hear in the sermon--I, too, don't feel like I 'trust' in money, or really in the 'retirement' or 'savings' either, so I wonder what OTHER words were there that would jump out and smack me in the face! :o)


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