26 June, 2012

I still like you, just don't get mad if there's silence on my end!

I think I've mentioned this many a time on my blog, but it seems in our life, or I should say my life, nothing can happen for months at a time and then it will be extreme busyness for like a couple weeks....

Well, we've hit one of those time periods, so I am just going to warn you, (and apologize,) if I go MIA from the blog,
I'm ok.
My daughter is in sports camp this week and it feels like my son and I are in the car driving back and forth more than anything this week. (I still hate I-5 by the way...)

I am suppose to be getting ready for his birthday party this weekend and it seems like that's all going to get left for Saturday.
Oh well.
I still have yet to do his 2 year pictures....
I usually like to do the kids' birthday pictures about 2 weeks before their birthday and that is just not happening. Oh well, I guess he'll actually be two in his. Turtle was 2 in hers also, so I guess it all works out!

I also finally got pictures of my daughter with her new bike that I told you about in this post. Of course they are still on the camera, so good luck seeing those before the craziness is over.

The good news is my husband should be home from 29 Palms on Thursday. He has leave scheduled for next week so if you can remember to pray that it won't be canceled because we really need this time. It was absolutely a horrible time for us in the month or so before he left. It's only a couple of days, we aren't going anywhere and we won't get any time away from the kids, but we just need to be able to relax and spend some time talking and time as a family.
Another reason I plan on being MIA next week.....

So besides maybe a scheduled Monkey birthday post over the weekend and an Independence Day post next week, The Life of a Military Family might be a little silent over the next week and half!! {As some people say thank goodness! ;)}

I apologize to some of my new followers if I haven't had a chance to pop over and say hi yet or to some of my faithful friends if I don't comment for a bit. I am sure you all understand family comes first!!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far!!


  1. I just kind of feel like it's your blog, and if you need to be with your family (or even because life gets too busy!) we all understand and will be waiting to hear all about it! I hope the time you get with your husband is a good time!

    Oh, and goodness I hate the 5 with a passion! I completely feel you on that one!

  2. I have been busy like that lately and falling off the radar. Everyone and everything is still here when you get back, though!


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