11 June, 2012

Forgotten family member

There is a member of our family that I don't talk about much, or at least make a note to talk about enough, but 6 years ago today we adopted our dog Sydney from the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission in Ridgeland, SC.

My husband had "begged" me for a dog ever since we got married, but I did NOT want an indoor animal and where we were living was not a good place for animals to be outside in the heat. I told him if we ever moved to a cooler climate and had a fenced in backyard, I would consider it....

Well, then my husband left for a 6 week mini det to AZ and I remember thinking how nice it would have been to have a dog to come home to and to walk with in the evenings. So like 2 weeks in, I caved and told him we could start looking when he got home as long as it was short haired and didn't shed too bad. ;)
He was so excited, we seriously headed out the first day he had off after he got home to look at a few shelters. He had an idea of what he wanted and I just wanted something calm that wasn't going to be a pain in the butt to clean up after. We weren't too impressed with how a lot of the shelters kept things cleaned and took care of the animals, but I know shelters can be overwhelmed at times.
On Saturday the 10th we headed out to Ridgeland because we had heard of a shelter there. It was a little further than I wanted to drive, but we still hadn't found a dog that fit our family and wanted to keep looking. This one had a lot more puppies and had a young young litter also, but we would have had to wait a bit if we wanted one of those. One of the workers told us to just go in the big pen and then we could spend some time with the smaller dogs/puppies in the smaller pens.
My husband spent time playing with all of them while I kind of just went to a corner to see who would come to me. About this time a fire truck, sirens blaring, went by. This got all the pups riled up and barking except for this one little fluffy puppy who calmly came over and rested her head in my hand. I looked up at Josh and smiled.....
I know he wanted to look some more, but I knew I had just found the puppy that had worked it's way into my heart. :)


After spending a little more time outside, we went inside to inquire about her and ask some other questions. We found out that someone found her and her brother along side the road and dropped them off about a week earlier. Obviously from her coat and purple tongue, she has some chow in her, but beyond that, no one knew anything else about them including how old they were.
Anyhow, it had been a super long day and we decided to head for home and check out some more places the next day.
As the next 24 hours went on, I think my husband discovered that this puppy had worked her magical charm and I was going to agree to no other dog. On Sunday June 11th, 2006, we adopted Sydney into our family!!

Well folks, I asked for a calm dog, I got a psycho dog. I asked for a non/barely sheds dog....I got a part chow chow, and it's all my fault and my husband rubs that in to this day. When I blame him because we have a dog, he says, oh no that's your dog, you picked her out, I get the next one! ;)

Truthfully though, after we brought her home, he did all the house training and disciplining of her for the next 3 months, but than he deployed to Japan for 6 months and she quickly became my dog. To this day she comes to me if she wants/needs anything. but I still think she loves J more than anyone.
She puts up with so much from us.

But I don't think she really minds...

Moving to California 2 years ago was really hard on her. Not only did I think she noticed the change in our moods, but her freedom changed. We had a huge yard all the way around our house in SC and here we are just rows of townhouses with concrete in the back and another row of townhouses right smack dab in the front of us. She lost her freedom of just being able to run outside without a leash and because we live in townhouses, she can hear everything that is going on in our neighbor's houses. She has always been an high anxiety dog, but this has sent her over the edge. It's sad how you can see how much she has aged just by looking at pictures from 2 years ago.

I so hope our next house will at least have a yard where she can run free and do whatever her little puppy paws desire!!


  1. What a cute puppy! My husband has been begging for a dog since we get married as well. I told him he has to wait until this deployment is over before we even think about it. :)
    It's amazing how an animal can just capture your heart.

  2. Cute Pup! Did you know there are many breeds that have spots of purple on their tongue? I used to think my dog was part chow because of purple spots, but we did a DNA test and the dog has ZERO chow. :)

  3. We have since heard that other breeds do have the purple tongue also. But because of the hair on her neck and tail, we're pretty sure she does have some chow in her. Who knows, we could be wrong though! :)

    One thing for sure, she is a MUTT!!! She is SO mixed!!
    We have so many different people telling us what they think she is constantly!!

  4. I love this! As evident by my blog.. my dog is my world. I think dogs have a funny way of doing that to us. They are seriously the best at making you feel needed and wanted.. always.

  5. My dog torments me but my husband reminds me that I'm the one who took her in as a stray "just until we find her owner". It turns out she was dumped (proof positive) and she's been in our family for 6 years now. She's a terror but she's ours.


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