16 June, 2012

Follow up: Am I?

First of all, I hope I did not mislead any of you with points in my previous post.
You might have thought you were going to read a Father's Day post and than it turned into a "confession" about my health and a rant about how a lot of churches treat military families, (or at least experiences we have gone through.)
I for one do believe the wife is a very strong component to how awesome a Dad is. If she is completely supportive and is doing her job properly, it can make things a lot easier for him to be a wonderful Dad.

On another note, please don't think because I am having a hard time being a Marine wife right now that I am even thinking about leaving my husband. The guy is my best friend in the whole wide world!!
I just happen to really really really really hate his job right now! ;)
We have not been on a date since January 2010. Our marriage has been put on the absolute bottom of everything and I am just done with the MC being first.
Normally in a Godly marriage, you have God first, and than each other second.
Not these last two years.
This regiment has made sure they were first and I have been the scum at the very bottom of everything. My husband feels helpless and I have just froze up causing a lot of my current health issues.

I would kill for a weekend away with him. (That doesn't involve flying relatives into town all in turn spending thousands of dollars we don't have...)(or involve regiment forced trips to sin city spending more money we don't have...)

I also appreciate the offers for suggestions on churches for those that have offered. We have been going to a great one since December, but my health and J's hours have affected plugging in beyond Sunday morning.

Right now we just need prayer and people that genuinely care.


  1. So I tried to send you an email but I'm on my work computer and they can be touchy...so here I am leaving a comment instead.

    I'm only a kid. I'm 19 and I have a whole lot to learn about life, but I do understand what it's like to be last on the list of importance.
    Lately, I have been more depressed than ever before because of that fact and it has helped me a lot to try and focus on stuff that I really enjoy doing and it has made my relationships with other people better because I'm loving myself for the first time in...forever.
    I would agree that prayer helps too. Just remember that God won't give you challenges that you can't handle. Things will get better. Keep your head up. :)

  2. Thinking of you & praying for you... wish I could do more from across the miles (like keep your kids for a date night!)... all I know to say is HANG IN THERE!

  3. we pray for our military and their families EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. graces are all around you...thank you all for your service.

  4. Thinking and praying for you! I wish I was closer to help you. :) Keep your chin up.


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