04 June, 2012

"The Common Cold"

The kids and I have been suffering from serious colds, flu and upper respiratory infections.
{Aka in absolute misery the last week and half but nothing serious enough that they require antibiotics.} :(
I'm not going to lie, I almost wish it was more serious, because sometimes antibiotics tend to make you feel better sooner instead of having to wait it out seeing if anything is going to develop into an infection.

I haven't been this sick in a long time.
As moms we are suppose to suck it up, are only suppose to have a little sniffles here and there or bounce back immediately, but I think because of the prescription meds I am on right now, my body didn't have the immunities it needed to fight anything off.
My husband has been having to work all day every day and then come home every evening and then do absolutely everything. Memorial Day weekend was the worst because that's when the kids were the worst and all they did was cough and cry all day and night. They are better now except for their coughs, sniffles and now they are fighting like crazy because they are bored and mommy can't do anything with them.
It's just one big germy fun house around here....


On completely different side notes though:

-Our pastor's wife is going to do our son's cake for his birthday party and I'm so excited!!! She makes some awesome cakes!! I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you. It's coming up in less than 4 weeks!!

-We finally got our daughter a new bike! The poor 4 year old was still happily cruising around on her trike even though her knees hit the handle bars.....lol
As soon as this mommy can get off the couch and we have some nicer weather, I'll get some pictures of her riding it! :)

-On a downside note, we just found out last week, that hubby is leaving next week to go to 29 Palms for the last 2 and half weeks of June. Unfortunately that puts a wrench in a couple of plans, but thankfully that puts him coming home just before Monkey's birthday party.... Such as life of a military family. God knows whats going on, who am I to question??

Here a few pics of the kids from the beginning of May:

 Hope you have a great week!!


  1. Your children are beautiful! I hope you feel better soon! It's hard when mommy is the one who is sick. Feel better!

  2. stinks to be sick!!!! hope the whole house is better soon!
    you have a beautiful family.

  3. Your kids are so cute!!!!!!
    Hope you feel better immediately!! Being sick is no good at all.


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