23 May, 2012

You are YOU

Yes I am a Marine wife and I am J's wife, but I am Marcella and a child of God first and foremost.


Before we had our second child, my husband and I were going through a rough patch. Mostly in life and his military career, but it was seeping into our marriage. As with most men he probably could have just let it go until he was so unhappy, he would just want out, but I kinda like to fix things before they are UN-repairable. ;)
And again like with most men, getting my husband to open up and communicate is near impossible, but um "big shocker," he finally said I just wasn't like I was before we got married.....
I had lost my "spark".......

Now before you wives go all postal on my husband, think about that for a minute.

In a way I could have gotten mad and immediately started to blame him for all of the million and one reasons on why it was his fault:
  • Married a man who joined the military, moved 3000 plus miles away from all family, friends and everything I'd known.
  • Married an introvert that didn't have a need for friends.
  • Had a baby, gained weight from baby.
  • Didn't have the extra money to pamper myself like I did before.
  • I am a Christian conservative thrust into a beer drinking, partying, cheating on your spouse life style etc.....
But hello, 
I am the only one to blame.
I let myself lose touch with what made me happy.
I let the negativity of what can happen with this lifestyle overwhelm me instead of standing strong for what I believe in.
There is no one to blame for that but ME.

So here I am today,
warning the young military wives and even civilian wives who might go through life changes.
Be careful.
Don't lose sight of who YOU are;
A child of God. 
(We are examples of Him wherever we go, whatever we do.)
We may have to say goodbye to everyone and everything we've known,
but you are still YOU.
Don't be afraid to StAnD oUt in what can be a very tough life.

Find that thing that still makes you jump out of bed in the morning.
Spend the day in your sweats and then throw on some jeans and put on some make up just before hubby comes home!
Talk to each other....turn the tv off.....even if it kills one of you...
ahem. ;)

to be continued......
 (more of my journey to get my spark back)

(taken in 2009 when my spark was missing ;))


  1. I love this post! EVERYONE...military or not can relate to this. And yes, it's oftentimes hard to remember that we are an example of God everywhere we go.

  2. Awesome post!!! I can relate!

  3. I love this post. It is all too easy to lose yourself when your life becomes an us that is focused around the military.


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