15 May, 2012

Who Am I

Fiction: You're family is always dressed so nicely.
Fact: I wouldn't know fashion if it bit me. If you see something you like on me, more than likely my husband picked it out. My idea of style is jeans and a t-shirt.
I do admit I pick out our daughter's dresses though, but since she has 8 polka dot dresses in her closet, that's not really saying much.

Fiction: You have it all together.
Fact: I often ignore my kids and procrastinate on the important stuff so that it seems that I have it all together...

Fiction: You remember everything.
Fact: I never went to college, hence never filled my brain with extra knowledge....

Fiction: Your house is always so organized.
Fact: Every OCD person has a closet....or a drawer.....ahem

Fiction: You love laundry.
Fact: Ok I can't lie, I really LOVE laundry.

Fiction: You don't care what others think.
Fact: Why then do I have so many mirrors and check constantly for my amount of followers?.....

Fiction:You don't have to worry about money.
Fact: I am the meanest wife EVER, I never let him spend a cent!

Fiction:You have the greatest marriage.
Fact: We choose to not air our "dirty laundry" all over the place. We have a lot of issues that constantly have to be worked through/on. It's a work in progress that we choose to keep God involved in.

Fiction: You're not fat.
Fact: Would you like me to take a picture without my shirt on to prove otherwise?????
 (Spanx) is my best friend people!! ;)

Fiction: You're such a great writer.
Fact: LOL, Not. You should read over some of my old old posts, apparently I didn't believe in proof reading back then!
{Most people say I write exactly how I talk, which is kinda scary...}

Hope you're all having a great week!
We're still waiting on nicer weather to hit here and counting the days til all the fun adventures we're going to have this summer! :)


  1. Bahahhaha laughed out loud at the remembering everything fact. :) Hey at least you are in tune with reality I suppose. It is so easy to present as well put together when in the real world not blog world you are a mess. :) Speaking from experience obviously!

  2. She never went to college, but she probably could have with a full-ride scholarship for academics--graduated in three years with a 4.0+ GPA!

  3. LOVE THIS! Honesty is so attractive! I may have to do a post like this! Thanks for sharing!


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