10 May, 2012

Then there were three

{......Mother's Day Series 2012......}

*If you're interested in the long, but informative part 1 to this post, check out the first part in Love Actually.

       After I got out of my doctor's appointment on the 24th, I quickly texted my husband to let him know that I was to be induced. I knew he was in training, so I was surprised when I got a text back saying he was happy for me for the planned induction, he would be praying and he would pass on the info to his CO's.
My mom and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon grocery shopping and doing last minute things. At about 430 in the afternoon I got the phone call that I will never ever forget.

"I'm on my way."

J had finished his day and his First Sergeant called him over and said "go." "Go be with your wife and be back here at 0700 Monday morning," (it was Thursday night.)
I couldn't believe it.
I was balling.
My husband was coming and he was going to be with me. God needed a major apology sent His way for my lack of trust.
I was too excited to eat anything the rest of the day. My husband arrived in Beaufort at about 0100 and the alarm was set to go off at 0430. He was so so tired. I felt bad, but at the same time, I was thanking the Lord every second and I couldn't help but smile.
We arrived and checked in at about 0530. Labor and Delivery was quiet and there was NO ONE in labor. We were good to go! By 0630 I had an iv and the pitocin was dripping.
My mom watched tv a bit and read and J read and snoozed. I did nothing.
I seriously was on such a high from J being able to be there and that fact that we were about to become parents, I couldn't concentrate on anything. By 10 am the problems (minor) started.
I get headaches when I don't eat, on top of other things.
Because I hadn't eaten since early in the afternoon the day before, it wasn't pretty. The nursing staff wouldn't even let me have any juice. They offered me a half an inch of water to swallow two Tylenol that I knew would be pointless. By about 1pm, I was discouraged. There was NO progress in labor and my head was unbearable.

At 2pm the Dr walked in and seriously asked if I had had an epidural yet. I looked at him like he was crazy! Um No. You kind have to be in labor for that....He said he be back in a few to break my water.
At 1430 (230pm) he came back to break it, (weird weird feeling by the way!) Within a half hour, the contractions hit.
I was surprised at how fast they came and the intensiveness of them in my back, but I breathed through them. At about 1630, the dr came in again and said he put in an order for my epidural.
 (At no point had I ever asked for one and I was kinda mad at him.)
I was only about 5cm at this point but the contractions were getting insane. Thankfully between J, my mom, my friend Becky and other random people that stopped in, I was kept distracted enough that it was easy to breath through them.
The anesthesiologist showed up soon after 5. My husband was PISSED that he had to leave the room. It was a weird feeling having the needle for the epidural put in, but I really didn't mind it and it didn't hurt at all. Within a half hour, I was relaxed, but still feeling every contraction.
[I'd like to note, that even though I hadn't planned or asked for the epidural, I truly believe the Dr was in communication with God on that one. I needed to be able to rest and save my energy for the pushing that was to come later and it took away my headache!!]

An hour later, a bunch of nurses rushed in and I had to be put on oxygen due to mine and baby's heart rates dropping crazy low and I was having trouble breathing. By 1930ish (730pm) I had only gone to about 5 and a half cm and the nurses warned we could be there through the night. :( Discouraged again. The prayers started flying as Mom got on the phone to the relatives. My friend Becky left to go clock some hours at work.
At a little after 9pm I started to feel what I thought were the contractions getting stronger and just pumped up the epidural button a bit and tried focusing on the replay of golf on tv, but the pressure kept getting stronger. When the nurse came in at 930pm to check on me I mentioned that I was feeling more "contractions." She decided to check me but none of us really felt that there would have been much progress in just those two short hours.
All of a sudden she looks up at me and says, yeah, it cuz your ready to go! After hardly moving all day, I had gone 4 and half cm in under two hours and it was (almost) pushing time! They paged the very busy Dr and immediately prepped.
I think that finally woke my husband up a bit and he quickly called Becky to tell her what was up.
In my naive mind, I thought the rest would go quickly and with a little pain and pushing we'd have our baby girl.
Yeah, not so much.
I think they clocked me at starting to push at about 2155 (9:55.)

Mistake #1: Don't push when the Dr tells you to push, push when you feel the urge.
#2 It's not your husbands fault that he was told to wipe you down repeatedly with a wet cloth, so don't throw it at him when you don't like.
#3 Make sure husband is well hydrated and has eaten something substantial so as not to faint.
#4 Ask the nurses to quit talking about personal life problems and focus on counting/breathing with you.
#5 Write it in blood on your birth plan that even with epidurals at there max, you have a odd drug tolerance and you feel EVERYTHING....so don't let them argue with you!!
#6 Oh yeah, getting mad at yourself for not breathing properly will not help you breath properly in turn causing you to not have the energy to push for an hour and a half.

Yes, I just said an hour and a half.

I know by no means, is that a long time in a lot of momma's stories, but I know a lot of Dr's give up way before then....In fact, my Dr told me after I had her that there was absolutely NO progress the first hour of pushing! Yeah cuz I SO knew what I was doing.....
He even tried to help by...
***warning TMI***
...cutting me THREE times. Yeah that's right, three episiotomies in one delivery.
I'm cool like that.
Eventually I got it though and the minute that overly large head popped out, I started balling. I saw her immediately and she was ugly. Ok I'm joking, but really people. With them all kinda purple and covered in blood and guts and they're cone shaped heads, they're not really the cutest bundles of joy until after they're all cleaned up a bit.

But I was smitten. She was ours. I was a Momma. My husband was here for the birth and I was on top of the world. I barely felt the pain when the Dr sewed me up as my husband and I gazed into her deep smoky gray eyes. She was wide eyed from the beginning and hungry almost immediately.
I actually let my husband hold her most of the time because I knew he only had a day a half with her.
Soon after she was born though, he disappeared for a few minutes. He reappeared with a soda and a bag of peanut m & m's. I started crying again. Even though he was a new very tired Daddy, with a daughter to ooh and aah over, he hadn't forgotten I hadn't eaten or drank anything in a day and a half and wanted to quickly get me something.
I knew I needed him there.
God knew what I needed.
So there I was, tired, exhausted, sore, but so completely full of love, emotion and fullness. That is what I wanted my whole life was to be a wife and momma, nothing else.
I'm living my dream!

Her first name means golden and was the only girl's name we could agree on in 5 years, and once my husband suggested it, we knew it was perfect.
Her middle name mean happiness and it is a form of my Aunt's name.
She was 8 pounds and 1 oz and 20 and 3/4 inches long.
We were the first to check in the morning she was born, but 9, yes NINE babies ended up being born that day in our very small hospital and she was second the last to be born. I couldn't be moved to a post-partum room because they were too full.
She could care less about sleeping, but she ate consistently and from the very beginning was independent and a people person.
I'm pretty sure she was a baby for only about 2 months. She grew up SO fast! (The sad part about being a momma.)


  1. Awwww!Glad your hubby got to be there after all. I feel you with the not knowing how to push thing. I pushed for an hour with Taylor. I was so numb I had no clue what I was doing! With Eva I felt a funny sensation that was my clue to push at least, thank goodness. And yes, they are funny looking creatures when they are born. I didn't bond with Eva until about a half hour-45 minutes after the birth... I bawled in the shower 'I'm a horrible mom, I don't feel anything yet!' lol. Funny how that goes!

  2. It was different with Monkey for me also. I just wanted him OUT of me. I knew I'd bond with him later so I wasn't too worried about it!


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