11 May, 2012

Then there were four

{......Mother's Day Series 2012......}
*In case you missed it, see our daughter's labor and delivery story here: Then there were three

When we had our son, our second child, in the summer of 2010, I was already a blogger, but I only had about half the followers. Sadly the weeks, (heck months, let's be honest,) were such a fog for me after his birth, that I never got around to posting about my labor and delivery with him.
My pregnancy had complications, scares, major stresses, a cross country PCS move, on top of so much more. I invite you to check out my blog between January - June 2010 if you are interested in any of the details. (I didn't blog as much so I promise there isn't as much to read, haha!)


I was due July 6th and had been on bed rest/limited duty pretty much since January 15th to say the least. From the time we went out in public from 30 weeks on, I got the OMG are you going into labor right now look!! I had HORRIBLE heartburn that I never had with my daughter and I pretty much misplaced my ankles around week 32.
I was scheduled for another induction on Friday July 2nd because of my hypertension again. Even with the long labor that we had with my daughter's labor, I didn't mind because I like to be organized and in control. ;) ;)
We decided that my Mom and sister would fly in on June 30th so that would give us one day to go over Turtle's schedule/routine before we went into the hospital.
About ten days away no one thought I was going to make it. I had all the pre labor signs and all day long every day, I prayed asking God that He would make him wait so that we had someone to watch our daughter. And every day passed and I thanked Him again that we made it.

My husband got permission to get off work and go get my mom and sister from the airport. I decided at the last minute I wanted to come also and ended up walking a lot. I was extremely uncomfortable all day, (even more than normal,) and by the time dinner rolled around I was in pain and had no energy. Because of everything going on with having my mom and sister there, it wasn't until about 2330 (1130pm) that I realized my "Braxton Hicks" weren't going away. I decided that maybe then, I should kind of monitor them and watch the clock.
Everyone went to bed, but I knew what was going on. These were real contractions and they were in my back.
I really wish it hadn't been night time because then I would have been distracted, but because it was, the mind games started about what to do. They were getting stronger and stronger and to tell you the truth, I was already to starting to feel "pressure." That's where I was struggling. I wanted to stay at home as long as possible, but with SO many of my friends and family having close calls with their second, I didn't want to chance it. So I wussed out and told J. He showered and we left for the Naval Hospital at almost 0300. I called ahead and they had a pre op room ready for me. They were actually kind of busy that night so they hooked me up right away but said it would be a few before someone could check me.

All along, even though I was huge, nurses or doctors themselves would just say they thought I was going to have an 8 and half pound baby. Well the nurse that checked me, walked into the room looked at my belly, asked what I had been told and said, no girl, you have at least a 9 lb baby in there! Duh!
Anyway, I was actually 5 and a half cm, so we had a bit to go, but I was farther along than I thought.
I actually naively thought again, that because it was happening on it's own this time, things would happen faster and I'd be seeing my son a lot sooner.

First mistake: My control freak self immediately tried to rush things into my timing.
Second mistake: I kinda based my birth plan on how things had happened at the hospital when our daughter was born. Totally different here.
Third mistake: I thought I would go the route of the epidural again as it was so relaxing and I had hoped maybe I could get some sleep.

0530: received epidural

Well, for some reason, which absolutely no one could explain, when they placed my catheter, it hurt. It continued to hurt, I felt every bit of it. I complained about it. "Oh it will go away, especially after you get the epidural." "No, I checked it, it's fine, it's all in your head."
Well I don't know if you all remember or not, but epidurals for me, even at their strongest, just take the edge off.
Finally after complaining repeatedly to anyone that would listen it was changed for a third time and it finally felt better. Yeah ok at this point the head Dr and I, (who doesn't even deliver Monkey, but is training the guy who does,) are already butting heads.
[On a side note, I had never even met ANY of these people a day before in my life, except for my main nurse who had been with me the last 8 weeks of my high risk pregnancy.] Gotta love Naval medicine...
Well the epidural succeeded in doing nothing but slowing my labor down.
Yay for me. :(
A nurse walked in with Pitocin at about 0730. At this point folks, my labor "balloon" had deflated and all of a sudden I was thinking that I was going to be there awhile again. I then asked why they wouldn't break my water. "The Dr only does that as a last resort."
But it worked to get things moving really fast for my daughter.
"They just don't do that here." Well ask again please! "Nope." sigh.......

Apparently July 1st, is like national switch it up day in certain hospitals and there was so MANY training Dr's coming through my room, I don't remember who did what that day. It was just really annoying.
At about 0900 the contractions were constant and the pressure was getting intense and I was about 8 and a half cm so we knew that it would be sooner than later. I felt a little better, but in my mind, I still was trying to rush things and I hate myself for that. At 1000 they finally said I was far enough along that they would break my water, (my deliveries were SO opposite!)
After that I went straight to 9 and 3/4 it seemed, and the pressure was so bad I wanted to push but it wasn't time. I really wish we would have had a close group of friends here at the time to help keep me distracted. I know that would have helped and than he would have just slid out. As it was, even with the epidural full blown, I felt everything and I begged them to keep checking me. lol
The Dr finally said if they had me push a few times, they might be able to get rid of the last little bit (sorry TMI I know,) and then I could start official pushing mode after that.
Well it worked, but again, it was me rushing things and trying to take it into my own hands.
They clocked me as starting to push at about 1050am.
This time there was only my awesome nurse and awesome hubby in the room for the beginning part. Unfortunately, because I felt I rushed it so much at the beginning, I ran out of energy again really quickly and by the time the main Dr entered the room, I was frustrated with myself and not able to breath.
I threw a pillow.
I am so mature...
Thank God He was with me again, cuz all I could do was pray and this time pushing was only 34 minutes. My baby boy was here!

I was shaking uncontrollably though and I really wish someone would have offered me oxygen. I could not breath. Add the emotion and tears on top of it and I was a mess. I physically could not deliver the placenta and they had to intervene.
Then the stupidity happened.
              Now I realize a few things;
First, the main Dr was training people all morning/night and probably a little tired. Not only that, I am the emotional, obviously knows nothing patient, who complained about my catheter earlier in the day and was a little dramatic during and after delivery. But when I say I feel pain with a full blown epidural, please Do NOT argue with me and tell a brand new Dr to go ahead and sew up the extremely shaky jumpy woman who clearly said she can feel the needle!!
That poor guy. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but between the two of us.
Sometimes I am so jealous of the people that got to pick their OB, establish a relationship and have a delivery the way they wanted....lol

 But as soon as I never had to argue with that woman again, I could focus on my son. My son that was so very different from his sister personality wise, but absolutely loved right from the beginning! Even everything to do with their labor and deliveries were almost exactly opposite.

He looked like a sumo wrestler at first.
He was given two middle names and all three names together mean "rustic noble ruler."
He was 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long, there was no more room for him to stretch out on my shorter frame, lol.
He ate great at the very beginning, but could care less about what was happening around him and slept straight through for the first two weeks. He was our snuggler and much more shy. Every time we went out in public he frowned at people! ;)
We love him So much!!
Monkey was a great addition to our family and even though times were a bit rough in the first 9 months of his life, I am so Proud to be his Mommy! :)

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