31 May, 2012

Don't do anything I wouldn't do...

 ....But HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the two of you!!!!!
You see my baby brother and sister are turning the big 21 today!! If you'd like to hear
more about our story as siblings, you can read that HERE. In the mean time, I'd like to write
this as more of a post to them but you're more than welcome to eavesdrop.

Dear J & J,
I guess I should congratulate you on surviving ten years at mom and dad's without me. I really thought it couldn't be done. I put so much stock in the first ten years I invested in you, that it took me awhile to realize I really wasn't your parent.... lol j/k Mom & Dad!

On a serious note though, deep down, I don't know what you or other people think, but regardless of when you came along in my life and regardless of what I had to give up, I NEVER EVER for one minute hated that you two were born.
I love you two completely.
You may have broken a lot of my things and trashed my room "a time or two", (I blame mom for that though ;),) but I never wished you hadn't been born.
You got me through a lot of low moments.
Even for being ten years younger.
{I mean look at those smiles.}

I can still close my eyes and hear your first words and see your little steps. The way you bounced in your Snugli's, pushed your Mickey Mouse walkers up and down the hall.... 

How one of you held corn in your mouth for hours refusing to swallow it, the other that cried at the littlest thing cuz you were so sensitive. ;) 
Hours brushing hair, playing Memory, Life, Dutch Blitz, Uno, Skip Bo, and anything else I could con you into doing to keep me entertained.


Some people may say I was keeping you busy and watching you, but I think you were keeping me sane and out of trouble. 
I don't know what I would have done without your sporting and school events! ;)

We kinda started to go our separate ways when I went back to school and then moved out at 21 myself.  For awhile there, after Josh and I moved far away and you two were in HS, I thought maybe I was going to have to open up a few cans of some "W-A," (if you know what I mean.) But again, I'm not your parent, and all I could do was leave you guys in God's hands.

{The twins with our twin nieces:}

But here we are today to celebrate you two. 
I think maybe just maybe you might make it in this big wide scary world. Things are slowly falling into place for you guys and I think it might be ok.
I get to see you and meet your significant others this summer so we will make our 
final decisions than. ;)

{sis and her man}

{bro and his fiance}

Love you two and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays yet!!!

~ Love, your biggest and bestest Sister


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