07 May, 2012

The chicken had to come before the eggs....

{.......Mother's Day Series 2012.......}

....So before I get to the posts of how my two beautiful babies entered the world....

I called my mom a few weeks ago and asked her to jot down some details/notes of when I was born.
Most of it I had heard already over the years, but a couple months ago, when we were discussing something else, she mentioned a detail that I never remember her saying before and I wanted to get it written down and blogged for memory sake.

I was the second born to my parents (some sibling info here) and after having their boy first, were praying and hoping that I was going to be a girl. My brother had been an early baby, (only 5 and half pounds,) and 4 years later my due date weekend hit with no baby yet. My Dad was a truck driver and happened to be home that weekend so he and my mom decided to go to the annual mobile home show that Saturday and walked around all day long to see if they could get things moving.
It worked!
Early Sunday morning my mom felt the contractions starting, but they packed up for church and made the usual Sunday trek from Carlton to Forest Grove. My mom says she was having contractions all throughout church but no one noticed except my Grandma, (Dad's mom,) because my mom kept looking at her watch and my Grandma put two and two together. My mom even had to teach Sunday School that morning and was training another teacher during it all. That other teacher just thought that my mom was sweating like crazy and acting funny because she was training her, not realizing she was in labor. lol She was one tough cookie!
They even went to my Grandma's for Sunday dinner as the contractions got closer, closer and stronger. Leaving my older brother at my grandparents house, they headed back home to Carlton because my mom wanted to try to get some rest. {This is where my mom and I differ, lol, when I go into labor I want to go to the hospital immediately for drugs and then leave immediately after I have the kid. She is the exact opposite!}
At 5pm she told my Dad that she said they needed to leave right then. On the way to McMinnville she told him that she thought I was going to be born before 6pm.
He laughed at her and didn't believe her.
They checked into emergency but someone else was being dealt with so they were told to wait. Haha.
After a few minutes, my Mom looks at my Dad and says you better get them over here now, this baby is coming!
Well that got the nurse to react immediately! She got my mom on a bed, checked her and her face went pale, I was coming!
They immediately paged the doctor and told my mom to not push while they had to ride the elevator up. They got my mom in a room and the Dr walks in just as my head comes out! :)
Oh yeah. I was born at 5:59pm :)
After my Mom got settled into her postpartum room she started to feel a little funny and at first didn't realize she was losing a lot of extra blood. All of a sudden she was light headed and slurring words and it got worse. The Dr quickly removed a HUGE clot and she fainted soon after. They ended up having to give her a blood transfusion.
Everything ended up fine and she didn't end up with any long term complications. Thank goodness for the quick thinking of the hospital staff!
My parents were ecstatic, they got their little girl to, at the time, complete their little family!
I was 6 pounds and 8 ounces.
My first name came from a family friend and means Brave.
My middle name {Elizabeth} was my paternal grandmother's middle name and my maternal great great grandmother's name and means God's promise.
For at least the first 10 years of my life most people thought I was adopted, because of my blue eyes and blonde/dirty blonde hair, but there's no denying my personalities traits, facial features and hips that clearly come from my parents! ;)

Happy Almost Mother's Day to my Momma, (although I think she should have headed to the hospital a little sooner!) ;)
 My Mom and I:

 I was the second child you remember, and there isn't quite the documented photo proof of my existence as there was of my siblings. Which went along with my brother's tale of how I was adopted....;)

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