19 April, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1) We haven't had much humidity since leaving South Carolina, but it's been humid the last day and a half here. AKA former straight as straw hair turned full of body since having two kids looks like Frizzy Monster. And my random gray hairs curl even more. Yeah I'm a hot mess.

2) I'm counting down the days until I don't have to fight my four year old daughter over eating meat. And I'm not talking about chicken nuggets or hot dogs, cuz we all know that's not meat.
Do I realize she might not ever like it? Yes. But I won't care what she chooses when she's older. In the meantime, I think 4's a little young to be making life choices.

3)Just found out the course hubby was suppose to take this summer was too full. While in a way this is good because now we can leave for my brother's wedding when we originally wanted to, it's also bad. He needed this for career reasons and now they could decide to send him away some where else this summer not allowing us to go home at all. While this is all in God's hands, we all know I suck at leaving it there. Ha

4) I really really REALLY want to potty train our son before we go home. I also don't want to deal with all it entails. No surprise I am lazy. I think he is also getting ready to start cutting his two year molars. The drooling and extra whinyness has started. And the fact that he just can't kick this nasty crud that has been haunting him for the last 7 weeks might also be a sign. That also means he is almost two. I can't believe it. But I also never want to go back to THIS point in my life. So all is good.

5) I just started on a new medication yesterday. I'm not sure if I like it yet. So if I say anything odd or incoherent, its probably a side-effect. Or I'm just being my normal controversial self! :)

Hope you're all having a good week. It's almost the weekend. YAY
I'm off to change a poopy diaper. Ugh!


  1. THANK YOU for the sweet comments on my blog! I am horrible at responding...lol. I do read your blog weekly though and am loving it! Good luck with potty training! I potty trained my daughter a week before my husband deployed. Of course I hear girls are easier to potty train. I just put underwear on her...let her have an accident...she didn't like having wet panties...and never went int them again! Wish it were that easy for everyone.

  2. good luck with everything going on...I had a daughter who would not eat much meat...I now know every chick pea recipe ever printed!!!


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