12 April, 2012

Save the Memorial

My husband told me this story awhile back, but now its getting to be a bigger battle and is now nationally known.
                          Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton

Sorry the link is kind of on the long side, but I highly recommend you read it.

Long story short, back in 2003 a group of Marines mourning the loss of some fellow Marines, chose to lug two crosses up one of the insane hiking trails at Camp Horno and erect them as a memorial where they could go, (and others,) to remember their buddies and other fallen Marines.

Unfortunately, a group of people backed by an atheist group have found  it "offensive" and want them removed.

{Is what I say}

First of all, no one is up there cramming religion down anyone's throat. When Marines go up there, they are using it to remember their fallen brothers.
Its a reminder to the reality of what this job entails.
The sacrifice.
This isn't a video game.

Secondly, if this is an atheist group wanting them removed, than those should mean nothing to them. If you don't believe in God, than you definitely don't believe that His son died on the cross.

SO then why is that a religious symbol to them??? It should just look like to pieces of wood nailed together.
If they're trying to protect the people that "might" be offended, why don't they ask to remove all the religious sanctuaries/buildings on military bases all across the world?!!

Give it up, go away and let us keep our crosses.

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  1. wow..so powerful! Please thank your husband, and you! for your service. My son wants to be a marine. We pray for our military EVERY night...so do many other families...if these men and women only knew....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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