19 March, 2012

A new week

....with "sunny" skies" on the horizon.

The sickness with my kiddos has continued and since its impossible to get a reliable appointment with our son's pediatrician and our daughter's PCM didn't feel like returning my calls last week, we headed in to the ER over the weekend.
To tell you the truth, I kinda felt funny going in because my kids don't really seem sick to an outsider. That's part of the reason I held off for so long.
But after two plus weeks of these symptoms and lack of sleep on the kids and I's parts, I knew we needed to get them some relief. I thought they were sinus infections, but the Dr didn't think they were. He felt it was more allergy and weather related. He prescribed stuff in my opinion that will more mask the problem than fix it, but hey, I don't see a medical degree on my wall so we will give it a few days.

I am choosing to focus on the positive and look forward to actually going to church this coming weekend as we've had to miss the last 2 Sundays. I also am hoping to make it to a Women's night at our church on Wednesday. It will be the first event I've gone to by myself since we started at this church and I am excited and a little nervous. It will be nice to actually maybe have a conversation with an adult. I don't know anyone so I need to bring my friendly face. lol

If you're looking for prayer requests, (besides the sick kiddos and lack of sleep part,) we are going to have to make some tough decisions about our future very soon and we really need the Lord's guidance. We are struggling about what to do and don't know if it's fear talking, a sign to make a serious change or God's way of making us a million times stronger.
Thanks for your prayers!!
We aren't worried, we just want to do the right thing!

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