14 March, 2012

Let me out

This is the post where I point out I am really a crappy mother.

After over 2 weeks of sickness in this house, I have no desire to wipe another nose, rock a coughing baby for hours in the middle of the night while praying that I can just catch a few minutes of shut eye before the other one wakes up choking from another coughing spell.
And sorry for the TMI, but with St Patrick's day coming up, green snot was not how I was planning to decorate....

{That's right, I just said that on my public blog.}

Aww thanks my bloggy friends for letting me vent.

As you other moms know, we will always comfort our babies when they are sick and wipe their noses, but there does reach a point and time during it all when you just want to escape.
Last Saturday hubby offered to let me out of the house for awhile on my own, but I had really wanted him to come shopping with me for some bike shorts/capri's. I'm doing better about exercising on the bike, but my tush has been killing me!!
So this Saturday I think I'm going to see if the offer still stands, cuz I don't see an end to this anytime soon. I don't know how moms with LOTS of kids do it once a sickness hits and then spreads throughout the whole family. They must be way stronger than me! ;)

Hopefully this will end soon and even though I may be exaggerating my annoyance, I only wish I was exaggerating the amount of green snot and sleepless nights. :(

Hope you're having a much better week than the Ramer household!! ;)


  1. This is why whenever I get nostalgic about my babies who are almost all grown up, I realize how nice it is. When they are sick I just have to provide some food and sympathy and if I need a break, I can leave them at home! Your day will come, even though it seems like forever...it does go by quick! I hope you get everyone well, get some rest and get some alone time soon! <3

  2. You are not a crappy mother. And the ones with all the kids do the same as you do... they survive because they have no other choice. They are exhausted and can't wait to sleep again. Motherhood sucks sometimes. We all understand it... I hope everyone is better and you are sleeping again soon. **hugs**


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