07 March, 2012

Cell phone edition

What we've been up to in a semi wordless Wednesday:
 Some of my favorite birthday cards/presents I received:

My husband passing on his gaming addiction:

 New sandals for warmer weather: 
(that seems to be taking longer to hit southern Cali this year.)

 A little bit of spring cleaning:
(I never let our fridge get nasty, and I check expiration's all the time, but the normal grime and dust build up were driving me crazy and it was time for a thorough cleanup!) {Although since round two of sickness has hit, the freezer is still waiting.)


Temperature taking :(
 Hubby and son were sick last week, but it hit our daughter pretty hard on Monday. She has been fighting fevers and a bad sore throat. :(
She has an appt in the morning so hopefully we can get to the root of the problem and get her some relief!
Hope your week is going better than ours. Hubby has duty tonight for the second time in a week so I'm handling the whinyness and cuddles.


  1. Hope you had a great birthday!! And I hope that all are feeling better in your house...sickness is no fun!

  2. Hope everybody is feeling better!


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