30 March, 2012


It's how I'm describing my Friday night.

My kids are doing much better, but I've been in a cranky mood all week.

I was so looking forward to getting out of the house this weekend and doing something fun. But then I texted a few things to my husband this morning and didn't get an answer back. That is not extremely unusual as quite often he is tasked with something that doesn't allow him to answer me back right away, but after a couple hours I was starting to wonder.
Then I finally heard back from him.
He had been at medical all morning because he hurt himself during PT. Of course my initial reaction was panic and worry, but as soon as I found out that it was just a "ahem" strain of a certain region "ahem" and he's just on light duty for a week, cranky selfish old me suddenly realized there went any chance of doing something fun this weekend. {Yeah I'm just an awesome wife}
I get in this mood all too often.
I have SOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for and our blessings are overflowing, but Satan likes to use little reminders that send me spiraling back to feeling sorry for myself.

Annnnd I'm being a hypocrite.

All I have been doing lately is telling people they need to shine where God's planted them even if they hate it.
But here I am,
focusing on the negative.
Wishing we were living anywhere but here.

DUDE, I'm doing it again.

I'm struggling greatly with our housing lately. (And before everyone starts saying move off base, just please know its not an option for us right now, so this girl just has to suck it up and listen to my own advice....)

We're healthy.
We have a roof over our heads and our waistlines prove we aren't lacking in the food department.
I have the best husband and even though lately they make me want to bang my head on a wall, I have the two most beautiful babies who I wouldn't trade for anything.
After searching for a church for 7 years that felt right, we've finally found one. I got to go to the ladies night a week ago and got to meet a grown up!
We even got a phone # from one of the nursery gals as a potential babysitter.
{Shh, don't tell anyone, but we might get to go on a date for the first time in 2 and half years.}

So really.
I'm starting to panic about our future.
So if that's all I have to complain about, I've have to say it's a pretty lousy reason don't you think; Being that I'm not suppose to worry about tomorrow....(Matthew 6:34)

So this weekend, I will set about to do the job I'm suppose to do. Which apparently now involves bringing ice packs to my husband. Ahem ;)
I will continue to count my blessings and praise God for the wonderful fellowship we found.


20 March, 2012

Evolving bed

I have discovered over the last few years that a lot of people don't actually "convert" their convertible cribs; they just end up buying something else.

We happen to think it was a great investment for both kids!

This was how our daughter's crib looked while we were anxiously awaiting her arrival:

This is how it looked after we moved to California and we converted it to the toddler bed:

And now this is how it looks since we converted it into the full size bed last month:

She does great on the full size bed and we all love snuggling up in it at bed time for family story time.
We are hoping that this frame will last her until at least adult hood and if she chooses not to take it with her, it can be used as a guest bed.

19 March, 2012

A new week

....with "sunny" skies" on the horizon.

The sickness with my kiddos has continued and since its impossible to get a reliable appointment with our son's pediatrician and our daughter's PCM didn't feel like returning my calls last week, we headed in to the ER over the weekend.
To tell you the truth, I kinda felt funny going in because my kids don't really seem sick to an outsider. That's part of the reason I held off for so long.
But after two plus weeks of these symptoms and lack of sleep on the kids and I's parts, I knew we needed to get them some relief. I thought they were sinus infections, but the Dr didn't think they were. He felt it was more allergy and weather related. He prescribed stuff in my opinion that will more mask the problem than fix it, but hey, I don't see a medical degree on my wall so we will give it a few days.

I am choosing to focus on the positive and look forward to actually going to church this coming weekend as we've had to miss the last 2 Sundays. I also am hoping to make it to a Women's night at our church on Wednesday. It will be the first event I've gone to by myself since we started at this church and I am excited and a little nervous. It will be nice to actually maybe have a conversation with an adult. I don't know anyone so I need to bring my friendly face. lol

If you're looking for prayer requests, (besides the sick kiddos and lack of sleep part,) we are going to have to make some tough decisions about our future very soon and we really need the Lord's guidance. We are struggling about what to do and don't know if it's fear talking, a sign to make a serious change or God's way of making us a million times stronger.
Thanks for your prayers!!
We aren't worried, we just want to do the right thing!

Lastly, check out the Military Monday blog hop:

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14 March, 2012

Let me out

This is the post where I point out I am really a crappy mother.

After over 2 weeks of sickness in this house, I have no desire to wipe another nose, rock a coughing baby for hours in the middle of the night while praying that I can just catch a few minutes of shut eye before the other one wakes up choking from another coughing spell.
And sorry for the TMI, but with St Patrick's day coming up, green snot was not how I was planning to decorate....

{That's right, I just said that on my public blog.}

Aww thanks my bloggy friends for letting me vent.

As you other moms know, we will always comfort our babies when they are sick and wipe their noses, but there does reach a point and time during it all when you just want to escape.
Last Saturday hubby offered to let me out of the house for awhile on my own, but I had really wanted him to come shopping with me for some bike shorts/capri's. I'm doing better about exercising on the bike, but my tush has been killing me!!
So this Saturday I think I'm going to see if the offer still stands, cuz I don't see an end to this anytime soon. I don't know how moms with LOTS of kids do it once a sickness hits and then spreads throughout the whole family. They must be way stronger than me! ;)

Hopefully this will end soon and even though I may be exaggerating my annoyance, I only wish I was exaggerating the amount of green snot and sleepless nights. :(

Hope you're having a much better week than the Ramer household!! ;)

07 March, 2012

Cell phone edition

What we've been up to in a semi wordless Wednesday:
 Some of my favorite birthday cards/presents I received:

My husband passing on his gaming addiction:

 New sandals for warmer weather: 
(that seems to be taking longer to hit southern Cali this year.)

 A little bit of spring cleaning:
(I never let our fridge get nasty, and I check expiration's all the time, but the normal grime and dust build up were driving me crazy and it was time for a thorough cleanup!) {Although since round two of sickness has hit, the freezer is still waiting.)


Temperature taking :(
 Hubby and son were sick last week, but it hit our daughter pretty hard on Monday. She has been fighting fevers and a bad sore throat. :(
She has an appt in the morning so hopefully we can get to the root of the problem and get her some relief!
Hope your week is going better than ours. Hubby has duty tonight for the second time in a week so I'm handling the whinyness and cuddles.