13 February, 2012

How about YOU?

We been up to a lot of everything/nothing lately.
I have been having trouble sleeping at night again and writing great blog posts in my head during that time. But, by the time day comes around, I am usually too hazy/foggy to remember what it was.
Oh well.
Right now I am "trying" to have fun and enjoy these moments while my babies are still young and at home.
I have also been struggling with eating better and putting exercise into my daily routine. With the insomnia at night, my body sometimes just drags all day and listening to Jillian Michaels yell at me is the last thing I want. But my baby brother is getting married this summer and we are planning on going home for the first time in over 5 years, (yes its been that long; deal.) I have to look good for the homies you know....

But here is little bit of what we've been doing...

Someone had almost 5 inches trimmed from her hair. :) {That someone's mommy is in the same shaggy category, but alas, my escape day isn't until this weekend.}

 Celebrating sunsets, (it was just a cell phone pic, but is was still pretty gorgeous!)

 Making dinner :)

Celebrating a special birthday (with a pout no less!)

Taking pictures (with her new camera she got!)

LOTS of pictures

Celebrating Strawberry Shortcake style:

 Perfecting our 4 yr old art skills, (she just learned how to write her name all by herself and we are ever so pumped about that!)

And playing outside.....

 Lots of playing outside!

So that's what we've been up to, how about you??


  1. Well i won't attempt to answer your question for now but love all the pics. We can't wait to see u this summer!!

  2. Love the Strawberry Shortcake theme! My daughter would love it. Heck, I would love it. Strawberry and the gang were from my youth! :)

  3. I have the same problem- coming up with great things to write and then forgetting them in the morning. Here is what I did and it has really helped: I keep a notepad and pencil by my bed and jot down any phrases, ideas or titles that come into my head- and they are still there in the morning. I am jealous of your outdoor time- I grew up in Texas- so I am used to being outdoors and having warm weather, but we are stationed in New Jersey and I pretty much hibernate in the winter here.

  4. Great post--lovely update! well, except the insomnia is not fun. Great photos too!


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