20 February, 2012

God Bless Dead Presidents.

Ok so maybe that title is slightly morbid, but it's true, I am ever so thankful for any holiday that gets my hubby time off. :)
This weekend was no exception.
It was great, busy at times, but GREAT!

Exactly one year ago today, I shared about the news we had just received and the some of the tough times we were going through with our son.
In this life, we never know how much time we have with my husband home and any extra time with him is a blessing.

On Friday night I had a quick newborn photo shoot for one of my husband's Marines and his wife who just had a baby at the beginning of the month.

Isn't he just the cutest thing!


   My hair has been in major need of some trimming for awhile now and I finally got out of the house Saturday morning to get 4 inches off and then get my tan on. I'm pretty sure I lost 5 pounds just from all the unhealthy hair weight. We then ran errands for awhile and then were absolutely lazy the rest of the day. Lots of movies and games and such.

On Sunday morning we had church and then nap time. I found this recipe for donuts on Pinterest, so I made them that night. Let me tell you, you probably don't want to make too many or make them too often, but these things are the easiest, most delicious things EVER. My husband has no problem telling me if I screw something up or if he doesn't like the recipe and he was also amazed!
I don't normally work out on the weekends in less its family involved cuz I don't like taking time away, but I even jumped on the bike last night so as to feel a little less guilty about the donuts. lol

Today was a little more lazy, but we even got our lazy selves up off the couch and went for a run and then played at the park with the kids for almost an hour.
I love weekends like this, time to reflect, thank God for all our blessings and again be reminded that even in the darkest times, (like last year,) that He is with us.
This is one of my favorite times of year, (ahem) but it can also be the most depressing time of year for me if I focus on myself too much.
And the Best thing about the weekend, I got my Scentsy order on Friday and found our favorite scent up to date.
I have never been to a Scentsy party and have never really had the opportunity to check any scents before I purchase them. This was a lucky winner my friends. All three bars that I got were great, but this has been warming in our house all weekend and making me dream of all things citrus.
Yay for scents that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and give you that all is right in the world feeling. Ok I know, I am a dork.

Its going to be a great week. Hubby has a class in the south point of Camp P all week so we will get to see him more and save some gas, (it is insane right now.)
On Wednesday night we will be going out to dinner at a place of my choice, come home eat some homemade chocolate cupcakes, have a glass of champagne and then I get to open that present from hubby that's been burning a hole through our closet shelf for two weeks! ;)

Happy Presidents Day to you!

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