24 February, 2012

The big "E" word...

Exercise: (as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary)
a: regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ. b: bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness exercise.

Ask anyone their opinion of the best way to lose weight or get in shape and you'll get a different answer with each person you ask. Everywhere you look there is a new fitness regime out there or a new diet craze. Eat this, drink this cleanse, take this pill. Do this shred for 30 days, do this insane series for 90 days, couch to 5k running, etc etc.... You know what I mean.
But yet as a nation we continue to spiral down the path towards obesity and extremely unhealthy habits.
I am not even going to touch on some miracle plan or tell you my opinions, cuz that's exactly what they are; my opinions.
EVERYONE has a different body make up, so what works for some, is clearly not going to work for others.

I come from a family that never focused on health, (at least in this aspect.) Any one of them could give you some natural herb or medicine to fix some ailment that you have, but it stops there.
And while I am not here to rip on my family by any means, I am just using it as an example.
Food has been a comfort for most of them and exercising was/is pretty much non existent. 

I came into my adult years thinking that if I just did a 15-25 minute work out video here and there I should be ok. The only problem was, as soon as I hit the post baby years, I would try that workout video stint along with walking around a block or two and then I would get uber frustrated with not having ANY results after a few weeks of doing that. So in the end, I gave up and went back to being lazy.

I mentioned last summer that I lost 17 pounds while my husband was deployed. Things like that frustrate me cuz I worked out a total of two times the whole time he was gone. I have put eight pounds back on since he returned. As I know so well, you aren't suppose to pay much attention to the scale because muscle weighs more, but I know my jeans don't lie.....I'm overweight.
The past 3 months I have been fighting the worst mental battle when it comes to working out. I have used every excuse possible, (the top being when and what to do.)

My hubby runs, (obviously its kinda like in the job description,) and he has been trying to get me to run with him ever since we were dating. 
Its hurts, and I don't just mean in the places its suppose to. It messes with my back/spinal column something fierce.
With all the hullabaloo about the new couch to 5k program this last year, I finally let my hubby go out and get me a whole bunch of running gear and I made the decision to try. With everyone else's success, I was so hopeful this would be it, ( I am not talking about people that were runner's before, I am talking about people that have no running whatsoever in their history.)

The conclusion: 

I still hate it. 
It still hurts my back. My accidents in the past have affected the disks in my spinal column and my back can't take the beating. I still run with my husband every once in awhile because I love working out with him, but he understands I can only go short distances.

I have never been a skinny mini and that is NOT my goal now. I realize I am getting older and "things" are never going to be the way they were, (in less we win the lottery and I opt for surgery! hehehe)
But you all know what I am talking about. I want to be able to wear the nice clothes in my closet without having to worry about how to hide or cover up the horrendous tire around my middle. All the sit ups in the world wont remove excess skin. My love handles are so big the have their own zip codes and it seems like the more I work out, the bigger they get. All the weight leaves other areas and firmly and permanently settles there.
So with the semi running failure I knew I still had to keep searching to find something that would burn more calories then a simple toning work out video.

Enter the bike:
I bought a stationary bike after our son was born. I figured it was something I could jump on when I had free time and he wasn't screaming. I was so out of shape that I would last only 3 minutes, get so winded and I never did it enough to build of some strength/energy.
For some reason, looking at myself in the mirror the last 20 months and being absolutely disgusted has not been motivation for me to keep trying.
So it sat in our dining room, haunting me, calling my name, calling me fatty. And I blocked it out. 

I am a perfectionist. I hated having it where I saw it all the time because I think it looked tacky. But I refused to take it up to our room because I knew then I would NEVER get on it.
I then tried doing Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred, but just like running, the jumping jacks mess with my back, so I knew I had to find something more intense that wouldn't hurt.
So I jumped on the bike. 

I won't lie, the first couple of days I almost passed out trying to make it to ten minutes and because I was doing it at the kids nap time, most days I gave in and slept myself. Resulting in hit and miss workouts for a month and more fat bulging out over my jeans. :(
For some reason I seem to have the best energy either before dinner or after the kids go to bed at night. So right now I am doing my best to keep a consistent work out going. 

Which I think is key. 
You have to enjoy the workout you are doing or you're going to spend more time talking yourself out of it and coming up with excuses not to do it. I still have a way to go for my goal workout time, but I am pleased with my endurance progress so far! I just wish the inches would disappear! ;)

Now to find the ab/waistline routine that works for me......


  1. my hero would love if i ran with him. I use to bike while he ran but gave that up years ago too.i have got to get back into something

  2. I totally know how you feel. i struggled with my weight for years. Since I was very young. When my husband was deployed 4 years ago I lost a ton of weight because I was careful about what I ate and I worked out really really hard. When I got pregnant with my son I not only gained it all back but I had to work extra hard to lose anything. If I wavered from my fitness regimen I gained weight...

    It was very frustrating. Then I found out about candida: a yeast overgrowth. I'll spare you the details but basically it prevents you from losing weight among other things. So I did a detox (the master cleanse is what worked for me) and I got my hormones back on track with herbalogica supplements (I'm not getting paid to say this, btw). Not only have I been able to keep the weight off I also haven't been working out that much. maybe 3-4 times a week, 30 times each? Maybe it'll work for you? There's a lot of videos on youtube about the master cleanse if you wanna try it?

    I hope you enjoy you bike. I'd love to have one of those. Watching TV and riding bike would be a nice thing to be able to do. Lol, maybe you should watch the biggest loser at the same time for some inspiration, lol! I LOVE that show!!!

  3. oh, btw, I'm following you form the Military Monday blog hop!


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