28 February, 2012

The big "D" word

In my last post I touched on the exercise part of "getting healthy." In this one I aim to talk about my struggle with the eating right part.
Let me just start out by saying I DO NOT believe in dieting.
Maybe that belief is part of my problem, but I just don't see how using some cleanse, going on some 30 day don't eat this, don't eat that diet, is going to help you change your ways in the long run. In less you plan on spending the rest of your life doing it and you have the will power for that, then by all means, all the more power to you.

I believe,
  in the "diet" of making healthier choices, eating in moderation and keeping restaurant eating to a minimum.

Unfortunately, I fail at least one of those all to often.
Which again turns into another mental game with me.
What's it going to take to keep up with the healthier eating that I know will get me going in the right direction?!?!

Why am I sharing all of this with you??
Since I'm not really giving tips or asking questions....

I think its just to publicly share my struggles in hopes that I can either be an encouragement to someone that is going through the same thing or maybe receive some encouragement myself.

Because really,
we all know that the answer has to come from deep down within ourselves. Only the big ME/I can make me do what I need to do and overcome the excuses. After all the great workouts last week and than writing my last post, I've ended up working out once. I let life get in the way waaaay too much and excuses are my best friend/worst enemy.

So here's to healthier choices, smaller portions, home cooking and some self control!!


  1. This is the hardest part for me too! I get to pilates twice a week and spin 3-4. I get out of bed and drag myself there, but love how I feel afterwards. The eating healthy part though? Not a chance. I count calories and do well on most days, but then comes one day to throw it off and I am done (like a bag of oreos in one day, done).
    Counting calories is the only "diet" I believe in. There is just no way to yoyo, keep it off, and be healthy.

    Good luck to you on your journey! I found you via the Mil Mon hop and look forward to keeping up with your journey!

  2. I'm on the same train as you... healthier eating, better portions and trying to run more.


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