22 February, 2012

30 + 1 (semi Wordless Wednesday)

6 months old:
 11 months old:
 1 and a half:
 3 years old:
3 and a half:
 2nd grade:
 4th grade:
 5th grade:
 6th grade:
 14 years old:
 17th birthday:
 Senior pic:
 Day after my 22nd birthday:



  1. Ha! I love the progression pictures and how you have your scrunchie on your wrist in that one picture! Also? This makes me feel old! Happy Birthday! (it is your birthday, right? Or did I misinterpret this post?)

  2. Ah yes, the wonderful scrunchie, oh how it was such fashion statement! ;)
    Yes it is my birthday, thank you!!!


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