28 February, 2012

The big "D" word

In my last post I touched on the exercise part of "getting healthy." In this one I aim to talk about my struggle with the eating right part.
Let me just start out by saying I DO NOT believe in dieting.
Maybe that belief is part of my problem, but I just don't see how using some cleanse, going on some 30 day don't eat this, don't eat that diet, is going to help you change your ways in the long run. In less you plan on spending the rest of your life doing it and you have the will power for that, then by all means, all the more power to you.

I believe,
  in the "diet" of making healthier choices, eating in moderation and keeping restaurant eating to a minimum.

Unfortunately, I fail at least one of those all to often.
Which again turns into another mental game with me.
What's it going to take to keep up with the healthier eating that I know will get me going in the right direction?!?!

Why am I sharing all of this with you??
Since I'm not really giving tips or asking questions....

I think its just to publicly share my struggles in hopes that I can either be an encouragement to someone that is going through the same thing or maybe receive some encouragement myself.

Because really,
we all know that the answer has to come from deep down within ourselves. Only the big ME/I can make me do what I need to do and overcome the excuses. After all the great workouts last week and than writing my last post, I've ended up working out once. I let life get in the way waaaay too much and excuses are my best friend/worst enemy.

So here's to healthier choices, smaller portions, home cooking and some self control!!

24 February, 2012

The big "E" word...

Exercise: (as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary)
a: regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ. b: bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness exercise.

Ask anyone their opinion of the best way to lose weight or get in shape and you'll get a different answer with each person you ask. Everywhere you look there is a new fitness regime out there or a new diet craze. Eat this, drink this cleanse, take this pill. Do this shred for 30 days, do this insane series for 90 days, couch to 5k running, etc etc.... You know what I mean.
But yet as a nation we continue to spiral down the path towards obesity and extremely unhealthy habits.
I am not even going to touch on some miracle plan or tell you my opinions, cuz that's exactly what they are; my opinions.
EVERYONE has a different body make up, so what works for some, is clearly not going to work for others.

I come from a family that never focused on health, (at least in this aspect.) Any one of them could give you some natural herb or medicine to fix some ailment that you have, but it stops there.
And while I am not here to rip on my family by any means, I am just using it as an example.
Food has been a comfort for most of them and exercising was/is pretty much non existent. 

I came into my adult years thinking that if I just did a 15-25 minute work out video here and there I should be ok. The only problem was, as soon as I hit the post baby years, I would try that workout video stint along with walking around a block or two and then I would get uber frustrated with not having ANY results after a few weeks of doing that. So in the end, I gave up and went back to being lazy.

I mentioned last summer that I lost 17 pounds while my husband was deployed. Things like that frustrate me cuz I worked out a total of two times the whole time he was gone. I have put eight pounds back on since he returned. As I know so well, you aren't suppose to pay much attention to the scale because muscle weighs more, but I know my jeans don't lie.....I'm overweight.
The past 3 months I have been fighting the worst mental battle when it comes to working out. I have used every excuse possible, (the top being when and what to do.)

My hubby runs, (obviously its kinda like in the job description,) and he has been trying to get me to run with him ever since we were dating. 
Its hurts, and I don't just mean in the places its suppose to. It messes with my back/spinal column something fierce.
With all the hullabaloo about the new couch to 5k program this last year, I finally let my hubby go out and get me a whole bunch of running gear and I made the decision to try. With everyone else's success, I was so hopeful this would be it, ( I am not talking about people that were runner's before, I am talking about people that have no running whatsoever in their history.)

The conclusion: 

I still hate it. 
It still hurts my back. My accidents in the past have affected the disks in my spinal column and my back can't take the beating. I still run with my husband every once in awhile because I love working out with him, but he understands I can only go short distances.

I have never been a skinny mini and that is NOT my goal now. I realize I am getting older and "things" are never going to be the way they were, (in less we win the lottery and I opt for surgery! hehehe)
But you all know what I am talking about. I want to be able to wear the nice clothes in my closet without having to worry about how to hide or cover up the horrendous tire around my middle. All the sit ups in the world wont remove excess skin. My love handles are so big the have their own zip codes and it seems like the more I work out, the bigger they get. All the weight leaves other areas and firmly and permanently settles there.
So with the semi running failure I knew I still had to keep searching to find something that would burn more calories then a simple toning work out video.

Enter the bike:
I bought a stationary bike after our son was born. I figured it was something I could jump on when I had free time and he wasn't screaming. I was so out of shape that I would last only 3 minutes, get so winded and I never did it enough to build of some strength/energy.
For some reason, looking at myself in the mirror the last 20 months and being absolutely disgusted has not been motivation for me to keep trying.
So it sat in our dining room, haunting me, calling my name, calling me fatty. And I blocked it out. 

I am a perfectionist. I hated having it where I saw it all the time because I think it looked tacky. But I refused to take it up to our room because I knew then I would NEVER get on it.
I then tried doing Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred, but just like running, the jumping jacks mess with my back, so I knew I had to find something more intense that wouldn't hurt.
So I jumped on the bike. 

I won't lie, the first couple of days I almost passed out trying to make it to ten minutes and because I was doing it at the kids nap time, most days I gave in and slept myself. Resulting in hit and miss workouts for a month and more fat bulging out over my jeans. :(
For some reason I seem to have the best energy either before dinner or after the kids go to bed at night. So right now I am doing my best to keep a consistent work out going. 

Which I think is key. 
You have to enjoy the workout you are doing or you're going to spend more time talking yourself out of it and coming up with excuses not to do it. I still have a way to go for my goal workout time, but I am pleased with my endurance progress so far! I just wish the inches would disappear! ;)

Now to find the ab/waistline routine that works for me......

22 February, 2012

30 + 1 (semi Wordless Wednesday)

6 months old:
 11 months old:
 1 and a half:
 3 years old:
3 and a half:
 2nd grade:
 4th grade:
 5th grade:
 6th grade:
 14 years old:
 17th birthday:
 Senior pic:
 Day after my 22nd birthday:


20 February, 2012

God Bless Dead Presidents.

Ok so maybe that title is slightly morbid, but it's true, I am ever so thankful for any holiday that gets my hubby time off. :)
This weekend was no exception.
It was great, busy at times, but GREAT!

Exactly one year ago today, I shared about the news we had just received and the some of the tough times we were going through with our son.
In this life, we never know how much time we have with my husband home and any extra time with him is a blessing.

On Friday night I had a quick newborn photo shoot for one of my husband's Marines and his wife who just had a baby at the beginning of the month.

Isn't he just the cutest thing!


   My hair has been in major need of some trimming for awhile now and I finally got out of the house Saturday morning to get 4 inches off and then get my tan on. I'm pretty sure I lost 5 pounds just from all the unhealthy hair weight. We then ran errands for awhile and then were absolutely lazy the rest of the day. Lots of movies and games and such.

On Sunday morning we had church and then nap time. I found this recipe for donuts on Pinterest, so I made them that night. Let me tell you, you probably don't want to make too many or make them too often, but these things are the easiest, most delicious things EVER. My husband has no problem telling me if I screw something up or if he doesn't like the recipe and he was also amazed!
I don't normally work out on the weekends in less its family involved cuz I don't like taking time away, but I even jumped on the bike last night so as to feel a little less guilty about the donuts. lol

Today was a little more lazy, but we even got our lazy selves up off the couch and went for a run and then played at the park with the kids for almost an hour.
I love weekends like this, time to reflect, thank God for all our blessings and again be reminded that even in the darkest times, (like last year,) that He is with us.
This is one of my favorite times of year, (ahem) but it can also be the most depressing time of year for me if I focus on myself too much.
And the Best thing about the weekend, I got my Scentsy order on Friday and found our favorite scent up to date.
I have never been to a Scentsy party and have never really had the opportunity to check any scents before I purchase them. This was a lucky winner my friends. All three bars that I got were great, but this has been warming in our house all weekend and making me dream of all things citrus.
Yay for scents that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and give you that all is right in the world feeling. Ok I know, I am a dork.

Its going to be a great week. Hubby has a class in the south point of Camp P all week so we will get to see him more and save some gas, (it is insane right now.)
On Wednesday night we will be going out to dinner at a place of my choice, come home eat some homemade chocolate cupcakes, have a glass of champagne and then I get to open that present from hubby that's been burning a hole through our closet shelf for two weeks! ;)

Happy Presidents Day to you!

14 February, 2012

Marriage/Valentine's Day

Note before I begin: 
I KNOW there are exceptions to every rule. I know people have suffered abuse, infidelity and being married to unbelievers who refuse to change. I know there are some who will read this and ask why should I fight for a marriage where it was dangerous to be in, or stay married to a spouse who continues to be unfaithful and has no desire to be married anymore. Please understand I am not writing this post to you. If there are points that might be too painful for you, just skip over this particular post. Or instead, use it to give you ideas on what to pray for in your next spouse. God is a loving forgiving God and it doesn't mean you can't find that true love marriage that lasts forever in the future!

 With so many different opinions on the holiday, I decided to go a different direction today.
It seems like more and more lately, marriages all around us are falling apart. I would like to just say it's in the military, but it's not. Its also Christian couples who are not getting the proper counsel/encouragement they need and are instead focusing on self and what feels good to them at that point. Every time I hear of another break up my first instinct is to shake both parties and scream at them. I don't get it, get over yourselves, its not all about you. Fight for it, (you'll hear that term often from me,) do whatever it takes to make it work!)
Well unfortunately, I am not always the most eloquent speaker and don't always have peoples feeling in mind... So I just keep my mouth shut, shake my head, feel helpless and watch another marriage join the ever so high divorce rate.

I hate it.

You hear the excuses:
I just don't love them anymore.
We got married for the wrong reasons.
We don't have anything in common anymore.
He/She likes to hang out with their friends more than me.
Its just too hard.
You don't know what its like, you have a great marriage. (My personal fave....it irritates me, how can you just automatically assume because people have been married a long time or seem to love each other, that they haven't gone through some really tough times or challenges...)

Needless to say, I have become more passionate about marriages. I think especially because God uses marriage as an example of the relationship between Christ and the church, I feel it is SO important to work on your marriage, strengthen, and fight for it! It is the foundation for so much; Your relationship with your children and so much of your every day life as an example.

Our pastor started a marriage series in January on Sunday mornings and the four week course ended this past Sunday, with a mini conference coming up this weekend. It has all just solidified my longing to encourage couples in their relationship challenges and to encourage single people to look for a best friend to marry, not someone where the relationship is solely physical and based off of lust/infatuation. I can tell you right now, when that husband/wife is 30 pounds heavier and hasn't had some TLC in many months, sometimes all you have is your friendship and faith!

My husband likes to say if someone is going to cheat, they're going to cheat. While in a way I agree with him, I also believe there are ways you can affair proof your marriage.
First of all, don't always assume that your spouse would never cheat on you or put you yourself in circumstances that could raise a red flag. Don't put yourself in a situation where you are with another man/woman where it seems to be an innocent friendship.
Do you know why the infidelity rate is so high among counselors or pastors?? They spend A LOT of alone time with members of the opposite sex. They share intimate conversations and before long friendships suddenly turn into feelings and relationships even if not meant in the first place.
Learn to strengthen your friendship and mutual interests with your spouse and learn to pray for one another. Satan is everywhere which means temptation will be everywhere.

Some of my favorite quotes from the last 4 weeks:
-Your spouse needs to be the #1 relationship in your life; not your parents, friends or even children.
-The actions of love will lead you to the emotions of love, (if you feel you have fallen out of love with your spouse, start working on acting like you love them.)
-A covenant marriage (covenant = promise) is based off the promise YOU made to God; not how your spouse acts. (example: but my spouse is not doing their part so why should I?) You do your part as in fulfilling your promise to God.

"And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of his body, the church. As the church submits to Christ so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything. For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up His life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God's word. He did this to present her to Himself as a glorious church without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead she will be holy and without fault. In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself.
No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church. And we are members of His body. As the scriptures say, as a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one. So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband."                  -(Ephesians 5:21-33)

Happy Valentines Day!! Whether you and your spouse celebrate it, or whether or not you are single, someone out there needs a little extra loving today!!

"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children, and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma."-Ephesians 5:1

13 February, 2012

How about YOU?

We been up to a lot of everything/nothing lately.
I have been having trouble sleeping at night again and writing great blog posts in my head during that time. But, by the time day comes around, I am usually too hazy/foggy to remember what it was.
Oh well.
Right now I am "trying" to have fun and enjoy these moments while my babies are still young and at home.
I have also been struggling with eating better and putting exercise into my daily routine. With the insomnia at night, my body sometimes just drags all day and listening to Jillian Michaels yell at me is the last thing I want. But my baby brother is getting married this summer and we are planning on going home for the first time in over 5 years, (yes its been that long; deal.) I have to look good for the homies you know....

But here is little bit of what we've been doing...

Someone had almost 5 inches trimmed from her hair. :) {That someone's mommy is in the same shaggy category, but alas, my escape day isn't until this weekend.}

 Celebrating sunsets, (it was just a cell phone pic, but is was still pretty gorgeous!)

 Making dinner :)

Celebrating a special birthday (with a pout no less!)

Taking pictures (with her new camera she got!)

LOTS of pictures

Celebrating Strawberry Shortcake style:

 Perfecting our 4 yr old art skills, (she just learned how to write her name all by herself and we are ever so pumped about that!)

And playing outside.....

 Lots of playing outside!

So that's what we've been up to, how about you??

03 February, 2012

Military families beware:

I have other blog posts floating around in my head, but I had to stop to share this story with you!
Its so heartbreaking but a reminder we have to be careful and check references.

Bless your Heart: Storage Wars

Matthew 6:19-21
19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Since the blog post was removed here is a quick note about what it was about:
In San Diego a Marine deployed so his wife and 3 month old daughter moved home instead of staying here. They put EVERYTHING they had in a storage unit. When he got home they went to pick it up and it couldn't be found. After being given the run around for a couple months (even with a lawyer,) they eventually discovered the owner was in money trouble and auctioned off a bunch of units. :(
I guess they are in a legal battle now because the owner is filing bankruptcy and she was told to remove her posts and info