12 January, 2012

mRe images

Can I be honest for a moment??

I'm a little conflicted.

It's not a big surprise I love photography/anything to do with pictures. I make it clear wherever I go.

I've shared before that I can spend hours looking at other people's pictures.
It is the most beautiful art to me.
Now I'm not downplaying people that paint, draw, design, write music or do other many wonderful artistic things, but I LOVE photography and capturing moments in time.

Everyone needs some healthy criticism in their lives and maybe I just need to use this as a stepping stool to grow and learn....

What am I referring to you may ask??

My watermark. My obsession with learning to take better pictures. My asking photographers for advice. My reading and following anything online that will make me a better "artist."

I've had some negative reactions and annoyance from several different individuals lately, (not just photographers mind you.) They are assuming that I was trying to start up a photography business because I am trying to learn so much and because of my watermark. (For those that don't know what a watermark is, its the signature/copyright of the photographer on their images.)

My watermark has NOTHING to do with a current business or one to come. My watermark is for those individuals in the world that don't have a conscious and steal photos for personal use.

What exactly are they worried about? That I might steal their business from hundreds (or thousands) of miles away? That my "work" sucks that much that I might be an embarrassment to the industry??

Come on people. Really?

Can I just improve something I am so passionate about?
Can I just do everything possible to enjoy the outcome of learning more about it.
Can I just take really gorgeous pictures of my babies, (and maybe some of friends and family,) without someone getting on my case about trying to charge money for taking crappy pictures in my non existent basement?? Which I don't charge anything btw, (cuz I kinda dont have a business...)

I mean have you seen these children? How can I not want to improve my skill for them??!!

And some day, if my photography skills improve greatly, maybe I will start a business. But I think that's a decision between my family and I and not anyone else. In the meantime, thanks for your support while I take a hobby and have a blast with it!!

Thanks for letting me vent!


  1. OH my goodness... I didn't put two and two together. I saw your watermark on your picture when you posted it on FB, I think.... and I thought it was like professionally done!
    Please don't take that wrong. But Girl!! If you are just starting out, you are doing great work!! The picture of your kids is amazing (not to mention adorable!). Thumbs up, sista!!


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