18 January, 2012

An animal theme

Some might find this post boring, but in case any of you ever wondered about our children's names, I figured I'd share this post about their "nicknames."
Many bloggers have code names for their kids.
Some don't.
While I seriously believe that you can't protect your children in every aspect, my husband and I choose to use "pet" names for our kids on public sites, aka Facebook, my blog, etc, for security reasons. Most friends and family members respect us in this decision, but there are some who forget and use their real names once in awhile. I've even been known to slip a time or two.

What most people don't know is how these names came about...

Well Turtle is nothing like a turtle.
In fact, my mom says we should have called her a jack rabbit. She's pretty much the type that would zoom out from the start of the race but than keep getting distracted by something along the way and not finish.
She actually has this pet name, not from her personality, but this little thing she did when she was a newborn....
Soon after we arrived home from the hospital, she woke up from a snooze and stretched out with a yawn. Her neck went soooooooo far out, my husband and I both looked at each other in disbelief.
It was insane.
I had NEVER seen a baby do that before. I went over her baby pictures and couldn't find one that would do it justice. J first said we should call her ET because that was pretty much who/what she resembled when she stretched her neck out. But we both didn't think that was fitting for a girl and I didn't necessarily like my daughter being classed with an alien. I then suggested a giraffe, but that didn't quite fit, because a giraffe has it's neck long all the time. We just let it go at the time, but one of the next times she did it, my husband said, you know, she kinda looks like a turtle.
It was perfect.
Nothing described it better than a turtle stretching it head out of it's shell revealing a long neck!!
It stuck and from then on it seemed every time we saw an outfit with a turtle on it, or a stuffed animal, we couldn't resist!

Unfortunately Monkey's story is no where near as cute as his sister's. In fact, Monkey's animal name came about after we found out we were having a boy. I wanted an animal name for him for Facebook and the blog to use while I was pregnant. I chose the monkey because there were so many cute monkey boy clothes and I figured he would be a climber just like his sister!
But it did NOT fit when he was an infant.
In fact, if we had to describe what he looked like when he was born, we both would have went with a gorilla. :D  He was a "rather large" baby and had no neck at all. His face was pear shaped with absolutely HUGE cheeks.
My brother also said he resembled a sumo wrestler, but there was no way I was going to be comparing my son to that!

Neither kids have their animal as the main theme in their room. We could have went that way, but we chose to give them something apart from it.
I called our daughter Turtle for awhile when she was a baby, but for the most part, their "pet" names have only been for online use.

How about you? If you use code names for your kids online, how did they come about??

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