14 December, 2011

Vegas (2011 USMC Birthday ball)

 Regardless of what you think of Vegas, whether it be the devil's home, sin city, or a great place to get away; we were semi forced to go there in November for our USMC birthday ball this year. I say forced because we were told that if we didn't pay the money to attend and get a hotel room, my husband was going to have to go work the event anyway. One of the "great" things about the military...they provide you with a great event (but only at your expense.....)
Anyway, even though we had a month to ask for help with the kids, because it was the week of Thanksgiving, no one could come watch the kids for us, so we were forced to take them with us.

Welcome to Nevada sign:

 So here we are, a quick 45 hour trip to a place I wanted to go to just to say I'd been I guess. The hotel that the regiment was set up at wasn't on the strip itself, but it was still a hotel. Everything there is just a facade. It looks nice on the outside but not exactly "luxury." The whole point it to just get you out of your rooms into the casinos to spend mucho money. So another words, not a great place for a family with a 3 and 1 yr old. In fact the mini bar in our room was charged off of weight and it was on top a low dresser. So if items were removed you were charged.....Yeah just removed.....or moved....or picked up, even if put back unused. Not a great place for kids. Luckily the room service staff was understandable and said as long as there wasn't anything used they would remove all weight charges.

 Enjoying the comforts of spoiled rotten kids in the 2000's......
 The Restaurant in our hotel: (yeah my husband enjoyed it a little too much! ;))

 The ball room:

 My shoes:
 Getting ready:
 I'm not gonna lie....He's GORGEOUS and he's all mine!!
 My two favorite boys in the whole world!!
 We actually ended up having a pretty good time at the ball itself though!


 In 7 years in the Marine Corps, this was actually our first professional ball pic:

 Our sleepy babies on the way home....

Maybe some day Vegas would be great without young kids, a nicer hotel, catching a show or two and maybe even playing a table.....But it sure sucked all around this whole trip!!


  1. what an adventure!! you looked gorgeous, by the way!

  2. What a great professional picture of the two of you!! So what did you do with the kids during the ball?

  3. Amy~ There was 10 spots available for sitters the regiment had lined up for the ball. Luckily we had 2 spots reserved right away!


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