16 December, 2011

Some favorite "trims"

The Monkey boy putting on his new ornament:

 Daddy putting on one of his:

 Putting on his Curious George ornament:

Putting up her Baby's first Christmas ornament: (some serious work going on here)

She put on most of the bottom ornaments by herself this year, but its tradition to get a picture of Daddy helping with some cherished ones!

We didn't have a tree or were even together our first Christmas, (he was in boot camp,) but I was able to find and order this from a website that sells old un purchased Hallmark ornaments:
{Our First Christmas together 2004}

My husband use to drive tow truck:

Yeah so we have another "snowballer" now, but this was a gift from friends in '09 and I still love it!:

And still one of my favorite Hallmark ornaments ever:


  1. I love the one that looks like the old school Fisher Price farm! Where did you get that?

    I'll bet it feels wonderful to have your hubby home for Christmas this year!

  2. Beautfilul pictures and moments captured. Love your ornaments thanks for sharing.
    Christmas through the eyes of a child is so meaningful.
    Merry Christmas to u all!!


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