08 November, 2011

Anyone else???

Going to be a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Widow for the next little while???? 

Oh but maybe you have cool husbands that aren't addicted to video games...
Or have much better things to do with their time....
Or don't pay full price for hardened or prestige editions....
Someone SAVE me!!!



  1. NOPE!!! My husband plays World of Warcraft, that's his thing. I was a widow for a while, but then I decided back in 2009 when he was deployed for 13 months "hey, let me try this thing, maybe I might like it". I've always had this theory of don't knock it 'till you try it so I figured I should follow my own advice. Turns out, it's pretty fun. I'm not as into it as my husband is, but we play together. I have successfully turned it into something that separated us, into an activity that we can do together.

    So, I encourage all video game widows to just give it a try. You just might like it, and in the process add something to your list of things to do together as a couple. :) What's the worst that can happen, anyway? You hate it and back to square 1.

  2. Oh no, dont get me wrong, I play with him quite often, I have nothing against video games....but a new game means he will be on 24/7 and not much help with the kids! ;)

  3. No, no, no... I try to avoid all of those games with my husband.-- and son for that matter!

    I have a hard enough time keeping his attention when the TV is on! :)


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