09 August, 2011

Recap in an extremely "small" nutshell

June sucked.....well at least the beginning did. Hubby didn't have the internet anymore so our only communication was his work email.
My mother-in-law did come down to visit some friends for a week though, so she stopped by for 3 days to give me a hand and let me get out of the house a bit.
My parents then arrived on June 28th. It was great to see them. My mom had come to SC when our daughter was born and had come down with my sister when our son was born last summer, but I hadn't seen my Dad in over 4 years and he had never seen our kids before!

My parents were here until July 5th. We went shopping, celebrated my son's 1st Birthday, went to the Oceanside Independence Day Parade (which sucked majorly by the way,) went to the beach and I was able to get out of the house 3x for some me time. In fact one of the times I returned home from such a time, my daughter started screaming again for me to leave as soon as I walked in the door! LOL My kids needed a break from me just as much as I needed a break from them! :)

It was really tough the first week after my parents left. My son especially had gotten use to the extra attention and was extra clingy and fussy for a bit.
I then had a questionable mole scraped off and sent to the lab. It came back red flagged Atypical and they now have to go back and remove a lot more skin, this time requiring stitches and me taking it easy for a few days. I begged and asked if that could be done after hubby comes home. There is no way I can properly have stitches heal on my stomach and no lifting of children without him home. Thankfully they agreed. So that is delayed until the end of September.

Then both kids got sick after my sons 12 months well baby check up at the end of the month. (Gotta love it when your kids get sick AFTER going to the doctors.) I purposely schedule early morning appointments so we are out of there quicker before the "sickies" come, but the pediatricians office had called and rescheduled his original appointment so we were stuck. So of course we end up being there for 2 and half hours during a busy time of day. Never fails, 3 days later, the germs had taken effect. All three of us ended up sick and on top of that, my son was teething. Now 2 weeks later we are still feeling the after effects.

August (so far:)
 My dear friend Myra flew in on August 1st. We haven't kept in touch beyond FB much the last few years, because of our busy lives, but she came to visit us in SC when my husband was in Iraq. So she had some vacation time and decided she wanted to come visit again. She was just here 4 and half days, but it was OH SO WONDERFUL to have some great adult conversation and pick up right where we left off.

So here we are. The last couple months have been better in a way, than April/May, because we had visitors and kept busier, but at the same time, the end always drags like crazy for me. I want to be excited, but its still too far out.
My sister actually flies in in a week from today so that should help some more. I have some "beautification" appointments set up while she is here so that I will hopefully not look like death when my hubby comes back! lol

And that's what has been going on!!

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