09 August, 2011

Pictures of the summer '11 recap

Here are some pictures that relate to my last post, you can catch up here.

Just in case you needed to see some cookies:

 The kids with my mother in law Laurie:
My Dad getting to know his grandson for the first time:
 "Homemade" elbow and knee pads ( aww kids imaginations...):
 He is getting SO big and shaggy again!

My Dad bonding with his granddaughter:

The Independence Day Parade with our friends the Walsers:

The Beach on the 4th (stupid idea):

 Practicing on the tricycle (maybe if someone is a good girl she can get a real bike for Christmas/her bday.)...
Playing with some of brother's birthday toys.... 

Yummm, burrito makings:

Beach trip with my friend Myra:
Pretty good picture from a 3 yr old if you ask me!!

Someone's first carousel ride, she loved it!!

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