21 July, 2011

WWII homecoming

I know I am being an absolutely horrible blogger right now, but I'm just not feeling it.

It has been decided by the homecoming organization that the theme for the reunion will be a WWII/40's theme. At first, I wasn't excited because I just want him home and I am so not into fashion, but then my husband, who LOVES that era, found out and went crazy shopping online and narrowing down his favorite choices.
I started getting excited, ordered a dress and some shoes and then I got even more excited!!
Here is the link for the dress: stopstaringclothing.com
And here is the link for the shoes: heels.com

It still wont be until sometime in the fall before he returns, but I know we will make it!
I wasn't going to buy anything new for the kids to wear for the theme, but I found this dress on Etsy for our daughter for a great price and I couldn't resist! 


  1. OMG-- I would LOVE this type of theme.

    Think pinup!!!!!! :) Red lips and all.


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