06 June, 2011

Trimming the children

Our son's hair was starting to get a bit long before my husband left, but nothing major.
 I asked my husband if he wanted to get it cut before he left or after he returned. He said after and I was fine with that, I really didn't think it was going to be too bad.
The hair on top and in front was original newborn hair so it was the longest and for some reason just kinda had a growth spurt in the last 8 weeks. After discussing it with my husband, we decided that I would trim the bangs/front and then do the rest later on.

Here's his before and after:

Our daughter's hair just grows like a weed and even though we are absolutely obsessed with it, 
I have to think about whats best for a 3 year old, so we had 4 inches taken off this morning!

Here's her before and after:


  1. I liked this on FB and I will like it now!-- Your daughter has beautiful hair!

  2. Your daughter's hair is AMAZING. Wow!


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