17 June, 2011

Girl vs Boy

I am a person studier.
I love observing.
This can be a good thing and this can be a bad thing.
It makes me observant and aware of friends likes and dislikes, but it makes me compare EVERYONE!
It took me months to stop comparing my children in a negative way, but I will always compare them, its what I do.
For those that know us, we are a "sporty" family. The older I've gotten, the more tom-boy like I have become and girlie just really isn't my thing anymore.
We always wanted a boy first and to completely honest, when we found out we were having a girl with our first pregnancy, we were both bummed for a bit. But as reality set in and we started planning for her, we knew we were ready for her and we wouldn't change a thing!
We purposely did NOT tell anyone that we were having girl. I did NOT want a bunch of pink things.
For her first Christmas we gave her a dump truck and golf clubs, and for her first birthday we got her a t-ball set.
You kind if get it..... she was the apple of our eye, but we treated her like a tom-boy.
So its amazing as she got older how, even though she still loves any sport, she started to navigate towards girlie things. Baby dolls, playhouses, dresses, purses, and princesses.
In fact this is a pic of her in the outfit she chose to wear yesterday:
Pink, pink, pink (ugh from her momma!) ;)

 And then there is our son. He is a clingy whiny momma's boy, but he loves boy stuff. He will play ball for a long time and spend a lot of time walking his sisters dump truck back and forth. He'll pick up a car anywhere and drive it around and he loves food.

I realize this is not the norm for every boy and girl, but it just amazes me how my children have just fallen into the roles that God designed for them. I love to watch them grow into their own personalities and discover their likes and dislikes. Its one of my most favorite parts of motherhood.

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