03 June, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie

Recipe Friday??

I discovered this recipe in a Simple and Delicious magazine back in March of '06.
I don't ever remember having homemade chicken potpie before, but I always enjoyed the store bought ones. So I had to try it out because it was so simple and easy!

Chicken Pot Pie
*Pre heat oven to 400 degrees*
-2-3 cups of cubed/diced chicken, depending on whether you want it abundant in chicken or vegetables.
  (I usually cook up my chicken ahead of time and have it cut up and ready to go, but in times I have been in a major rush with no pre-cooked chicken, I have used store bought pre-cooked already cut up chicken usually found in the lunch meat aisle.)
-2-3 cups of mixed veggies, again depending on how much you want. 
(My favorites for flavor are green beans, carrots, and corn. But the original recipe called for a bag of frozen pre-mixed veggies.)
-2 cans of cream of potato soup (10.5oz cans)
-1 package of refrigerated pie/pastry crusts. (2 count)
-dash of pepper and garlic

-Combine ingredients, place one pie pastry on bottom of pie pan; fill with mixture; put 2nd pastry on top.
-Cook for 30 minutes.

*Note: the original recipe only calls for one pie pastry on the top and none on the bottom, but my husband I prefer it with both.*

I am sure that people that love to cook or have the time would probably rather make their pie crusts by hand or add homemade cream of potato, but for someone like me who care less about cooking or for people strapped for time, this has become one of my favorite quick recipes that I try to do at least once a month.

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