28 May, 2011

More reasons my age is catching up with me....

For those that follow my blog, you know that I have a brother and sister that are quite a bit younger than myself.
In fact they will be 20 on Tuesday!
Their age doesn't really affect me so much as their milestones.
A few major ones have crossed my baby brothers path in the last few weeks!

May 7th was his last day in a cadet program for a police department and he graduated with perfect attendance!!

Jesse and Brittaney:

 No, not everyone else is short, my baby brother is quite tall!!!
Pictured L-R: Brittaney (my brother's fiance,) Jesse, my dad, my mom, and my older brother.

Yep you caught that word correctly in the description!! F I A N C E!!

On May 14th, he took his girlfriend of 4 years to Multnomah Falls in Oregon and proposed!!!!


Congratulations J and B!!
They are planning an August 11, 2012 wedding, if you want to know about their story see their wedding site!

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