28 May, 2011

Its all relative

Long holiday weekends are the hardest without J home, (obviously.)
All the Marines are off for 4 days barbecuing all the time and having get togethers and that's when it the hardest for me to suck it up and stay positive.
Not only that, we are having unseasonably cold weather for southern Cali right now and it just kinda makes it gloomy.

SOOOOOOOOO that being said, I am going to put up a few posts of non holiday positive notes!!!

One of my husband's little brothers, his girlfriend and son, are down visiting some of her family in Palm Springs, so they drove over to see us this past Thursday afternoon. I hadn't seen D since probably soon after our wedding back in 2004, so it was nice to catch up! This was also the first time Turtle and Monkey had met ANY of their cousins.
Little J will be 2 in September, but even with the age difference between the 3, all of them had a blast and wore themselves out for nap time!

D, C and J:

 Apparently its cool to rub your cousins head!

 Crack ups: :)

Thank for the visit you guys, we had fun!!!

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  1. I cannot imagine how tough it would be with your hubby away. I know we don't "know" each other, but I'm so proud of you, your positive attitude and the the fantastic job your are doing with your kiddos. It is quite obvious with those big smiles on their faces that they are happy children. They are cracking me up in those pics with their cousin. Too cute!


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