08 May, 2011

I needed to be reminded what this was all about...

So I feel the need to apologize.
I too jumped on the bandwagon about feeling sorry for myself.
I read something yesterday morning, that at first kinda made me defensive and mad, and then kind of got me thinking.

Anyone, that has EVER been a mother has had tough times.

We have all had those down in the dumps, feeling unappreciated moments, where it seems like its just easier to wallow in our self pity.

So if we ALL had those moments, then that means OUR moms had them too.
We were once very young children/babies who required way more love than we returned. Our moms had moments where they cried (or screamed) in the bathroom just wanting a break or to feel appreciated. They too had husbands that weren't always the best about making them feel special or loved.

My mother-in-law was a single mother for a good amount of time. I am sure she had moments where she thought she just couldn't do it by herself anymore.
My mom was married but my dad was a long haul truck driver who was gone for days at a time when my older brother and I were little. She spent many a time on her knees crying out to God.

So why is it when days like today come along that I turn it into a Marcella holiday?

The only reason that I am even able to celebrate the holiday is because my mom and mother-in-law went through the tough times first.
Those reasons should make me want to celebrate them all the more today and completely take my eyes off myself!

So Mom and Laurie, today I celebrate YOU!
You guys are the ones that laid down the path for me to follow today.

Happy Mother's Day, I {we} love you!!


  1. Sweet tribute!!

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. Your words are like priceless diamonds on my fingers or around my neck. I shall wear them everyday to remind me how you are soooo appreciative. Thank you for the greatest gift a daughter could ever give her mother.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

  4. Such a great post! Hope you had a great Mothers Day!


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