04 May, 2011

Can we just skip it...again?

Okay, so last year I wrote what I consider a great Mother's Day post.
So this year, I'd think I can get a pass. ;)

But no really, I have been struggling with it for a few weeks now. I love my mom, but ever since I became a mother, my attitude about it hasn't been the greatest. This will be my 4th Mother's Day and I have been alone for 3 of them. It kinda just makes me want to skip over them and celebrate just my mom and mother-in-law another day.

Don't hate on my husband, but he sucks about remembering (or caring) about holidays. And when he's deployed he really loses track of time/days/holidays, so he never remembers.
Do not get me wrong, when he does buy me gifts he does an awesome job; but he's not a sentimental, remind you how he feels, sappy romantic....(he's a guy.)

So for 3/4 of my Mother's days, I have been stuck by myself with the kids who are usually sick, or cranky, or not bringing me breakfast in bed.

Get this: My first Mother's Day as a mom, J was in Iraq and we had a Tornado warning all night long. I spent 20 minutes at 5 in the morning huddled in the closet with my 3 1/2 month old daughter and our dog while tornado sirens went off!

Maybe you kinda understand my want to just skip the holiday for now......


As I laid on the floor this afternoon, writing out this post in my head, my children were climbing all over me and my daughter pretended to give me a massage....
Ok, maybe I shouldn't be feeling so sorry for myself. 
There are two HUGE reasons why I should do my best to enjoy the day!

2nd update: Never mind, my son just took a huge chunk out of my gum with his fingernail.....I take my first update back! ;)

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