17 May, 2011


My computer died a sad death last Friday night.

So I am soooooo behind.

Haven't read any of your posts.

Haven't created any posts.

Just been crying over the months worth of pictures that somehow didn't get backed up or saved and are gone forever in less I can find a geek I can trust, (which is highly unlikely.)

So at some point I will get me new computer organized and get caught up on reading y'all's wonderful insights, but until then, don't forget about me! ;)


  1. oh noooooooo! I'm so sorry! I would cry over the lost pictures for sure. I hope you find a geek you can trust! :)

  2. Booooo.... I hate that!! Hurry back to us!

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer. I lost all my photos once and it's heartbreaking. Thankfully, you have some from your blog. Hope it all gets fixed up for you soon and you find a trustworthy geek to help you out. :)

  4. Oh that totally sucks!!! I had the same thing happen to my old Dell. My husband was awesome though, he managed to get all my writing and pictures and information from a dead Dell harddrive! He is my guru :p

    Hoping you find some help soon!!

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