26 May, 2011

blogging blues

Hi all,

I'm not sure what is up, but ever since my computer died a sad death, I just cant seem to put some paragraphs or anything cool together in my head.

Right now my life just seems to be consisted of one liners for Facebook and pictures.

One of my husbands younger brothers and his family are going to be visiting us today, so hopefully I will be putting up some pictures of that soon.

Hope you are all doing well and not minding my funk. Right now I am in my typical deployment zone out mode that I fall in to quite easily!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and praying for you all. I think the "zone out" is our way of protecting ourselves from the reality of it all...
    I'm so glad that you have some visitors lined up to help get you through the monotony. Enjoy your visit and give all three of the kiddos a squeeze from me!


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