26 April, 2011


I REALLY like this new template I found and uploaded.....
Unfortunately, because it's a set template, I can't expand the sides like I normally can so that I can make my pictures the bigger size.


So we will see what will win out.....

In the mean time, I really don't feel like going back through and shrinking all the pics I already had at the bigger size, so that means my blog is all messed up. Some of the labels and beginning of words are missing from the side column.

Guess its kinda like my life, all out of sorts and messed up. But the important things are there.

So in less one of my readers wants to design me a template that has me written all over it, ;) stuff is just going to be out of sorts until I either shrink all the old pics or write enough new posts that they don't show up on the main page.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Perhaps just your computer screen size? Everything shows up great as far as I can see...


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