08 March, 2011

Why the silence??

I was raised with the saying:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, 
then don't say anything at all."

And that is why I don't have blog posts rolling out!

I know I don't have to explain, 
you may not understand completely but I know you understand to a degree.
The last thing I want to be doing with only 4 short weeks left with hubby is creating blog posts!

So the silence continues...

I'll leave you with my two top blog reads for the day;

The first are verses that I am clinging to from a blog I just found:

And the second was a well needed smile for the day from one of my favorite blogs:


  1. I think a break can be good...I've even thought lately about taking a little breather :). Enjoy all the time with your hubby!

  2. Definitely take time with that hubby of yours!!!

    See you soon!!

  3. Glad I could give you a smile :) Hope you're enjoying your time w/ your hubby!


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