13 February, 2011

A Love Story {prt 3)

See PART 1 and PART 2 of this love story if you’re not caught up.

At that end of the last post, it seemed in this journey that it was happily ever after and there was smooth sailing up ahead, but our paths are not our own and everything must point to the One who made them.
Josh and I had A LOT of opposition at the beginning of our relationship, from his side of the family and many at our home church. Again I won’t go into much detail, but we really wish people would have came to us personally with their opinions/concerns instead of using it as gossip behind our backs. I am so glad we chose to turn from the negative, and instead, focus on making our relationship Christ centered. 

The proposal:
Haha, there wasn’t one!
We talked about marriage very early on in our relationship, but Josh wanted to get it together financially a little more before we made that step.
In early April of 2004, another couple from our church, who started dating after we did, announced their engagement and set the wedding for the coming June.
 I remember getting those little voices in my head asking when it was going to be our turn and trying to take timing into my hands. On our way home from church that day, Josh said he was thinking about talking to the United States Marine Corps recruiter that his brother was talking to. (This did not come as a major shock to me as I knew he had dealt with other branches in the past.) But my normal impatient self started to cry because I wanted it to be my time to get married and all I envisioned was having to wait a long time while he got this military bug out of his system and then decided to marry me! LOL
At this point Josh looks at me and sees that I am upset and immediately thinks it’s because I am against a military stint/career. I finally timidly told him what my thoughts were and he kind of laughed and asked me if I really truly thought he hadn’t included me in his plans!
He then proceeded to say, If he left for boot camp it would probably be sometime in January of 2005 and we could get married on his boot leave 12 weeks later! I was ok with this and the next weekend when we were together, (we didn’t get to see each other during the week because of our work schedules and how far away we lived from each other,) we immediately started “planning” our wedding for the spring of 2005!

As the weeks went by, the news came through that a spot had opened up for Josh to leave for boot camp in November instead and he chose to go that direction. It would put his boot leave February 11th-the 23rd so we talked and talked and talked about what we should do. The realization hit that we would never be able to afford a wedding by February. That maybe we should get married by a justice of the peace on his boot leave and just do a bigger wedding/reception for family and friends later on.

At the beginning of August, Josh informed me that if we got married quickly before he left, he would get dependent pay during boot camp. So we tossed around some dates and decided the sooner the better, so we could give up Josh’s apartment and save some more money.
Josh asked my dad for permission to marry me and we picked September 11th as our day! The problem was it was a Saturday. Which meant we had to find a pastor because we wouldn’t be able to just go to the courthouse on a weekend and then Josh later found out he had a MOTO event on that day which also meant it was going to have to be sometime in the evening.

SO to make a really long story, just slightly long, we found a pastor that would marry us with 6 weeks of marital counseling crammed into 2, we decided we would have our immediate families for the event, a friend lent me her wedding dress, and a photographer my dad knew through work offered to take pictures for free!

To this day, I don’t regret any of it or think I missed out, because a marriage is about 2 people (and God,) not about a wedding. SO many go into debt on either the wedding or honeymoon and I think it’s a horrible way to start out the marriage. (Although I am still waiting on my honeymoon!) ;)

Just after 2 short months of being husband and wife, Josh left for 12 weeks of boot camp; which started our military lifestyle. But that is another topic/post for another day!

This is our “how we met, started dating and wedding” story! There is so much more I could ramble on about, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Interesting facts/tidbits about our relationship:
·         Josh said he wasn’t attracted to me the very first time we met because of my acne! Lol
·         He wasn’t majorly attracted to me the second time at first cuz he thought 2 other girls at church were more his type and cuter! ;)
-   We both have a brother named Micah.
·         He says even though he did have a slight attraction to me, he would have probably never asked me on a date. That being said, the minute I asked him to the baseball game, it was like a light bulb for him!
·         We lived in some of the same towns growing up just never at the same time.
·         Between the 2 of us, we have 10 siblings.
·         Our song is “Home” by Michael Buble for all the time we spent apart in our military lifestyle.
·         My fav of all: We were born at the SAME hospital. PLUS the exact same room and the same bed are listed on our baby birth cards. No joke!



  1. I love hearing how couples came together, your story is so great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally agree with you on the wedding thing. My husband and I got married barefoot in a butterfly park and I wore a white sundress. Nothing fancy. Nothing extravagant, but very "us" and very perfect.
    I enjoyed reading your story. Hope all is well.


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