12 February, 2011

A Love Story {prt 2}

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April 2003: age 22
The last 5 and a half years had been interesting, but who doesn’t have a story to tell about ages 17-22? 
I finished school and even with my excellent grades, did not go onto college, (much to a lot of people’s dismay.) I jumped around at a lot of jobs from September 1998 until December of 2001 when I landed myself at an athletic club.
I was going through life, with bumps and forks in the road like everyone else, and I still had not had a boyfriend by the age of 22. I had dated here and there, and had an interesting relationship with a coworker for 6 months, but no one, in my mind, was marriage material. I always knew I would fall hard and fast when the time came so I was always more guarded.
During the last year there had been A LOT of changes. After going to the same church for over 20 years, my parents, along with my siblings and my brother’s wife and daughters, decided to leave and go to another one. I did not feel the calling to leave our home church, and so continued on going by myself. I would go to my families’ church maybe once a month to visit.

In March of ’03 I received a promotion at my job at the athletic club, I was having a blast with the college/career group at my church, I was living in my own place and life was cruising by. I was still lonely in the relationship aspect, but I was loving life and thanking God for the things I was learning along the way and praying for patience for the right man at the right time!
On Easter Sunday, I went for my normal visit to my parent’s church, at the time not realizing I was missing out on an important visitor from my past at my own church.
4 weeks later I went to my church as usual, starting walking to my normal place to sit, and saw someone that made my heart skip MORE than a few beats.
Now since I was sitting a few rows in front of his family, I couldn’t exactly keep glancing back to make sure it was him, but at this point, I was pretty darn sure that the man I had been faithfully praying for, for the last 6 years, was now sitting just 3 rows behind me and I couldn’t breathe. And I am sorry God and whoever spoke that Sunday, but I have NO IDEA what the sermon was on! ;)
2 weeks later we were at our college and career group and talked until 2 in the morning, (much to everyone elses dismay, they kept trying to get us to come join the rest of the group, lol) but we kept talking! 
After chatting at church and C&C group for 2 weeks after that, I   (that’s right I said “I,”) finally got the courage to ask him out. {My whole life I always said I wasn’t going to be the one to make the first move, but this boy made me crazy!}  My mom organized a Father’s Day trip to a local Triple AAA baseball game every year for my brother’s little league team and we had an extra ticket. I figured this was a safe way to have a first date and get to know each other more, but yet have other people around. I called him on Father’s Day ’03 and asked him if he wanted to come the following week and he said yes. So our first date “started” right after church on June 22nd, 2003 and didn’t end until 1130pm that night. You can say what you want and have your own opinion, but I knew after that day there was no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. I seriously felt like I just found my long lost best friend!  

 {November 29, 2003 Thanksgiving in BC, CANADA}

My road maybe had some interesting twists and turns, but the road that led my husband back to me was a dark, very windy road and even though the song is very over used, it’s ever so true. God bless the broken road that led me straight to you!
Maybe someday he will share with you about his life before his relationship with me, but for now just know, It made him who he is today and I love how he completely turned his life around despite so many people saying it couldn’t be done!

Enter “Home”       To be continued……

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  1. beautiful story! I have known you HOW long and I have never know this part of you guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and you!

  2. beautiful! looking forward to the next part :)


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