11 February, 2011

A Love Story {prt 1}

Ok since Valentines is Monday, I figured this would be a great opportunity to do the combined get to know me series on how my husband and I met, fell in love, and got married!
Ironically my husband doesn't celebrate the holiday. He is one of those people that says its just an overblown commercial holiday for the card and flower industries to make money. This is just his way of saying I am too lazy to do anything for you....lol.
I really don't complain since my birthday is the following week, I would much rather him do something for it, than Valentines.

I loved the whole month of February growing up. My grandmother's birthday is on the first and my grandparents were married on Valentines ,so between that and my birthday, it was just one great month!
Ok I am already off an a bunny trail, you'll have to make sure I keep focused on the subject at hand because I tend  to ramble! :)

I never had boyfriends growing up. 2 reasons really; guys just always saw me as a friend and someone to help them hook up with who they wanted.
I also just didn't want to date just to date. I feel the pressure on teens nowadays is ridiculous. I knew that even in just having an innocent relationship with someone, you give small parts of yourself and I would rather invest all of that in my future husband.
Oh my word, I am not even to the point yet and this post is already long, I am going to have to break it up into parts! :)

16 years old, Summer 1997:
This guy, who I'd never seen before, starts showing up at church every Sunday. He sits with a family I know, a single dad with 3 kids. I wonder if maybe he is a cousin or a relative and I think about him every Sunday when I see him, but I always forget to ask who he is. (Heaven forbid I go up and introduce myself! :) )
Finally we were having a church potluck and a friend and I happen to sit down at a table across from the single dad's daughter and this "mystery" guy. After chatting it up for awhile, I just finally, in my normal blunt way, asked who are you? He answered "Josh." Well that's nice I said, but "who" are you? The girl replied, "he's my brother."  My friend and I looked at each other and both said we didn't know you had more siblings! Without going into family details, the dad had been married before and had a son who was raised by his mom out of state. Which explained why none of us knew there was an older brother.
There was an immediate attraction towards this "Josh;" not the type to have me swooning, but enough to leave me thinking about him more than the average person. Our old church has a family camp Memorial Day weekend every year and that year I remember I had even more fun playing games and experiencing an interesting competitive chemistry with this mystery guy! As time went by, we always chatted every Sunday at church and for some reason I felt very compelled to start praying for him and it became apart of my daily habit. Well eventually he stopped showing up at church and upon inquiring of his family, found out that he had gotten a job driving tow truck and had to work Sundays.

Faithfully every day, I prayed for this man and asked his father quite often how he was doing. I even called him once at his work. (He has no memory of this lol.)
As time went by, he moved out of his dad's house again, changed jobs and I lost track of him, BUT I never stopped praying for him. There wasn't anything in general that I prayed about. Just wherever he was and what he was doing in life, that God would keep him on the right path. I just felt like I needed to pray for him.
Sometimes I would look at my prayer journal and wonder why I still prayed for this man I hadn't talked to or seen in years, but I just kept doing it for almost SIX years!!!

Enter "God Bless the Broken Road!"   To be continued....

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  1. Oh sure leave us hanging even though we know the FINAL outcome. Love hearing about this season of your life which i never knew much of.

  2. I love it! can't wait to hear more!

  3. Good story so far...I hope you post more soon! =)


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