05 February, 2011

A long long time ago....

....In a land far away....(or in the state of beavers and ducks,)
....lived a long haul/local truck driver and his homemaker wife, (former nurse and home daycare teacher.)
Already enjoying their four year old son and after trying for a couple of years for another child, they finally welcomed a little girl into the mix on an important patriotic holiday at the end of February 1981. (I think my patriotism is a result of this!) ;)

Up until I was 11 we moved various places EVERY 2 years. My parents are still in the same house we moved into at that point 19 years later, (not by choice, just haven't been able to move.)

I really did love my childhood.
My older brother and I were/are very close and we just had a blast with the little that we had. Being poor growing up forced our bond.
As you can see from the above picture, my parents were continuously asked if I was adopted!!

My parents originally wanted 4 kids, but as time went by, it just never happened and they figured God had completed their family.
So in the winter of 90/91 you can imagine to the shock and surprise of us all, they found out they were expecting again and due in May of 1991. In March they got an even bigger surprise, when the ultrasound revealed it was boy/girl twins! Little did my 14 year old brother and myself at 10 years old know, our lives were to be changed forever!
We welcomed our siblings into the world at the very end of May! My mom was actually past her due date (rare w/ twins,) and they just did a planned c-section.

In an instant, we went from a family of 4 to a family of 6 with a teenager, a pre-teen, and 2 newborns.

I tell you all this because the next few years shaped me majorly into who I am today. My mom got struck with major postpartum depression that was never treated properly. To this day, she has little to no memory of what happened the first 2 years of the twins' life. I had to grow up FAST. Not only did I "lose" my mom when a young girl should have her mom the most, but I was literally raising twins, (nighttime feedings and all,) while still a child myself!
My mom starting coming out of her fog when they were 2, but it was at this time that my parents were trying to get a home based business up and running and I was pulled out of public school to become a full time "nanny" 24/7. Daytime, evenings, and weekends!
Now before you start to judge and make your own opinions, please understand, I wouldn't be the strong work ethic, great with kids, organized, level headed, no excuses type of person I am today if it wasn't for this.

It gave me my character!

I will not lie, yes there were times I was angry and bitter about it, especially in my early teen years. Yes, I was mad at my parents for making me "teen mom." But my little sister and brother are almost 20 now and I have NEVER once wished they weren't born! I loved the heck out of them when they were little!
But it did cause many years of turmoil with my mom that we have been able to work through. (See more of my relationship with her HERE.)

So all in all, I love living a life of no regrets. People that are constantly hating their past need to learn that everything that has happened is for a reason. Hate and regret will get you nowhere. You can only worry about being the best you can be today and focusing forward!


{I hope you enjoyed today's "getting to know me" post. Sorry it turned out a little longer than I planned.
I'd love to hear your opinion on the nature vs nurture discussion!}


  1. Wow!! I did enjoy that!! I love the character comment.

    Some people have no clue about stuff like that.

  2. wow! I am amazed... what a strong woman you were/are! Thanks for sharing!

    oh and happy (almost) 30th birthday! I was born in Feb 1981 too! :)


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