02 February, 2011

I lied....

Ok so, I really didn't lie...but I kinda changed my mind.

You know back when I said I was going to do a series of "get to know me" posts, you know way back WHEN....

Well, I still want to do that, but it's not going to be how I originally planned! You see, for some reason, even though I have had this blog since November of 2008, it just all of a sudden, started getting read by more than just a few family members and close friends.
In fact, since December, it went from like 8 followers to 21. Now I realize 21 is still majorly small in the bloggy world, but now I am being followed by people who I don't know and who don't have blogs that I can read to kind of get to know, so I am feeling a little more reserved....
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that more people are "lurking" around Life of a Military Family, but I now reserve the right to protect my immediate and my extended family's privacy's a little more. Kind of like changing the names to protect the "innocent"....  ;)

That being said, I still planning on sharing a little bit of background info and I would also LOVE, if you do read this blog, to at least say hi and don't be a stranger!!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I know the feeling... I'm starting to get a few followers that I have NO CLUE who they are, and it kinda creeps me out. I've stayed really open, but am definitely considering a change!

  2. That's why I made my blog private... I wanted to write whatever and not worry about WHO was reading it. I can monitor who reads it.

  3. I completely understand. It took me a long time to adjust to readers that I didn't know. I feel like my readers are the sweetest kindest people in the world. Even still, I have a level of privacy that is comfortable for me and I wouldn't want to cross it.

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment(s) on my blog!


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