20 February, 2011

Ha, Are we laughing yet??

It all started 2 weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday....
We were invited to a friends house to watch the game and they didn't bother to warn us ahead of time that their toddlers had fevers and a bad cough...
After we found out, (a little too late,) the mommy warning bells starting going off and I knew it wasn't going to be good!
The next day Monday, wasn't too bad, but by Tuesday the extra whines began and I knew things were going downhill.
Tuesday night our daughter woke up at 1 in the morning screaming her head off with a fever and didn't go back to sleep until 4. I got a total of 2 hours of sleep that night before my son woke up. She started the coughing with the congestion the next morning and never slept at night for the next 5 days.
Our son started coughing Saturday night and his fever came on Sunday evening. At this point our daughter was doing better, but Monkey was awake every hour at night, so we started our second week of no sleep.
My husband had approved leave that thankfully was to start on Tuesday February 15th.

I was SOOO looking forward to the 2 weeks of extra help to give me some much needed rest, to be able to take a full day to do something fun on my birthday, and to catch up on some appointments!

The exact day his leave started, he got a phone call at lunch with news that one of his superiors, (who's had it out for him since we got here,) was causing problems again, and it was decided J was going to be taken off his leave to clear up some problems at work. Honestly at this point, I was pissed!! I hadn't had hardly any sleep in over a week, I was looking forward to some me time on my bday, and I was mad at this "guy" who had "bullied" my husband since we moved here.

{at this point folks, I really thought I was being thrown a ****load of crap and wasn't happy....I had NO IDEA what was coming!}

So anyway, our son was getting worse, crying constantly, and by Wednesday had started wheezing. At 2 in the morning, my husband and I made the decision that I would go by myself to take him to the ER so that we wouldn't have to wake up our daughter. I finally arrived back home at 430am with a diagnoses of pneumonia for the poor little guy. The next day, Thursday the 17th, was horrible. Monkey cried all day, so in the afternoon, we just jumped in the car and drove to Los Angeles and back. I know it sounds crazy, but it was the only way, we could get him to stop screaming. 

That night, he didn't sleep again, but the morning found a new attitude for the day. He had finally cut his first tooth!! The antibiotic had also started to take effect and his breathing was better!

BUT the BAD news hadn't hit................................

I got a call at 11am on Friday the 18th, from my husband.

"I'm leaving in April."

He received an email stating this certain superior thought this other Marine was a better person than J, so he was going to send J over to Afghanistan to switch out. He also threatened my husbands career and said he didn't care if any other of J's superiors stood up for him, he would personally make things miserable for him. (Like he hasn't already!)
Now please understand, EVERYONE is mystified by this and NO ONE can figure out why this guy has it out for my husband, but no one has the ability to stand up to him, so the crap against J continues.

So my husband leaves sometime in April and should be back with the rest of the regiment in September.

And instead of being sad, I am very angry and want to kick this guy where it counts repeatedly until he apologizes to my husband!

Ok but no really, I know this is NOT the Christian thing to do, and I KNOW I need to remember that God is COMPLETELY in control of the situation and that this man was also created by God and the only thing I can do is pray for him.

But that doesn't fix the fact we have to say goodbye to our husband and daddy and because I am a horrible slacker and hermit, I don't have a support group here yet...
The thought of having to explain to my daughter why Daddy isn't coming home is tearing my heart into a million pieces.
The fact that I am not going to have a break from my kids for 6 months terrifies me. I have been so near a breaking/meltdown point lately, I am soooo scared.
What a greaaaaaaaaaaat birthday......

I SUCK at single parenting.

Thank you for letting me vent and we appreciate your prayers SO much!

*Editors note: Please understand I know we have so much to be thankful for; he is only going to be gone for 5-6 months and SO many other people are having much bigger problems to deal with.
Its more the reason he is going that has me the most upset!


  1. absolutely brutal marcella...i'm sorry about everything and find myself wishing that there was someone I could yell at on your behalf. You are a rare type of strong woman. you have my prayers.

  2. I hope this guy gets what is coming to him. It's not fair and you have every right to be angry.


  3. Pour all the bubbles out... throw away the wands. Quit cold turkey.
    **On a more serious note...
    I may not know EXACTLY how you feel, but I understand the whole being treated like crap by superiors. Chase was supposed to take leave as well and the day he was supposed to check out they tanked his request after it had already been approved.

    Hang in there, I know its tough thinking in to the future about everything but try to take it one day at a time. Try not to overwhelm yourself with thoughts of what "could be" and get so wrapped up in worst case scenarios that you get lost in the "now" aspect of life.

    By the way... we should start a rebellion. Just sayin...

  4. Well, April would be a good time to bring those babies north and let friends and family spoil them while you sleep in. You could stay with us for awhile if you wanted.


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