13 February, 2011

a quick break...

....from my get to know me series, 
to point out,

that this is my 100th post!! :)

Yay blogging!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion and my upcoming birthday,

I will be giving away a gift card from somewhere, (haven't decided yet,) worth $10!!

You can enter 2 different ways and up to 2 times using the 2 different ways:
-Post a comment with my exact age when I got married.
-Post a comment about what our daughter's Baby's First Christmas ornament looks like!
{Both answers are answered in my blog, you just have to search! ;)}

*Contest will end February 22nd, at 5:59pm (PST) and the winner will be decided by random.org*

Happy Sharing and Hunting!



  1. Well, I didn't look on your blog. We'll see if I can do this without peeking =) You were 23 years, 6 months, 20 days old when you got married.

  2. ha ha ha ya 23... I wasn't going to put the months and day though... Go Evie

  3. but you did say EXACT.... lol shall I get the exact time too? he he

  4. You were 23 and 7 months and you got married at night...


  5. Thanks to random.org the lucky winner was comment #2
    Hey Ang, a starbucks card ok, or do you want something else?


Comments make my heart smile. :D