07 January, 2011


And I don't mean the game.....

I am about to approach a subject that can make or break our "friendship!"

SO be forewarned, this is controversial, but I CANNOT take it anymore.

Yes, we are military, yes we get health care that we pay very little for.....that being said, you get what you pay for; but it also depends on the area you're in. Just like at our old base, there is not pediatrics available on base so we must go see a civilian pediatrician.
In Beaufort, thanks to recommendations from people we trusted we found the BEST pediatrician ever for our daughter and went to her for 2 years. In that whole time, there was MAYBE twice where we waited longer than 15 minutes to be seen and appts were made with our needs in mind and even with shots, we were in and out in no time. If we had questions and called them, someone ALWAYS called back within a half hour....

Just like there, there is no availability for Monkey to be seen on base here, so we had to pick someone off base. Here we didn't know anyone, so all we could do was go down the list, find providers that were all accepting new patients and check them out. They ALL looked and acted like free health care clinics,(if you get my drift,) so we picked one and I have been crying ever since.

Average wait time: 2-3hrs (with an appointment)

And the controversial part that has me fed up and pushed to the edge; I am a paying customer with an appointment and people who are here illegally can walk in (without an appointment,) after us and be seen before my son. I am sorry but that is WRONG! This country is screwed up and going to pot.

Say what you will about their rights; if they do things legally and correctly, then they have every right to be treated fairly! But if they come illegally and try to take advantage of the system, then I will NOT tolerate it.

I can't wait for a president/government who finally sees this huge problem and does something about it!

Please tell me I am not the only was that is concerned about this subject!


  1. I hate that you have to deal with that - so frustrating!

  2. Grr--- that is quite upsetting. I agree with the President situation 100%.

  3. Left you a little something on my blog. Congrats, girl.


  4. That is very frustrating.... BUT I do want o ask.. how do you know they are not a citizen? I do not agree that illegals have more rights and benefits and what not, but just because of the language they speak or the color of their skin doesn't make them illegal and we don't know the facts unless we ask, or know them personally. Right?

  5. You are right, I don't know that every single person/family that walk in there aren't citizens, but I do know there is a VERY high population of illegal immigrants in our area. And that still doesn't excuse why people with no appointments and no health insurance, can walk in after us and be seen before us, (continuously!) They might have the right to be seen just as much as we do, but that doesn't mean we should be pushed aside.
    The heathcare professionals are so scared of beings sued or shut down because of laws around here.

  6. I agree! That isn't right.... have you confronted them to ask why this is happening? That is very frustrating! Hope things get better there for you guys.


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